Do You Beat Up On You Or Celebrate Your Wins No Matter How Small They Are?

Today is January 31st and today I have my Monthly Planning Review Party with some other members of The Amazing Bix and Life Academy. It was time to review our Create Your Amazing Year Planners for January and plan for February.

All sound great? Not so!

Todays’s Suzie TV shares how I shifted my disempowering mind chatter, celebrated my wins and found a way to move forward with joy.

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 The Story

I woke up this morning and did beat up on Suzie! I started thinking about all things that I said I was going to do and that I hadn’t done and then there was the income target that hadn’t been reached and it is Friday. So I rolled over and cuddled up to Des, much nicer than all the disempowering mind chatter that was going on inside my head.

Then I got up and headed to the studio to paint, it is day 13 of the 21 day painting challenge being run by Whitney Freya, that I am doing. Today’s topic was : Love Yourself ~The energy for today. How appropriate I thought as my disempowering mind chatter wasn’t loving me. After painting it was time to meditate, draw an oracle card and journal in my morning pages. I wrote:

 “So it’s the last day of the month and I haven’t done what I set out to do this month. I could continue down the disempowering path and really beat up on Suzie or I could see today as a day to acknowledge the small steps I have made and use these as a springboard to move into February with joy! I can look at all the good things that happened and celebrate those, much healthier than the other path.”

I then made a list of the things that I had achieved. This lifted my spirits and I also could see that I have a true clarity about where I and my business was heading in 2014.  I was also reminded by my friend Louise that I had not been well for half of the month. I had totally discounted that!

Then it was time for my morning beach walk and swim and I got even more clarity as I shared what I was feeling with Des. I gave him the picture in words of how I saw my business: The Heart Whisper Revolution, the art, the coaching and my book all coming together under one umbrella.  Clarity was coming from all angles ( and from the angels) 🙂

What do you do when you beat up on you? 

How will you celebrate your January wins and move into February with joy?

Share in the comments 

Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful


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47 Responses

  1. You are very inspiring and heart warming! I usually celebrate my great and little achievements daily: as I lay in bed I recall the beautiful things of the day so that I can close my eyes with positive images feeling grateful for them…

  2. its the ego highlighting what you didn’t do but the heart celebrates the wins big and small!
    Suzie you have a big heart so let it speak the loudest and drown out the chatter 🙂

  3. Visiting from the AB+L Academy! Such and important thing to remember, we can be our own biggest bullies or best cheerleaders! All the best, Christine (

  4. Suzie you were writing my story here! I did the exact same thing in January, beating myself up for what “appeared” to be stagnancy, and like you there was so much more than my eyes could see.

    2014 is going to be a fabulous year for you Suzie… I can feel it. You are going to be AMAZED at your accomplishments.

    I’m inspired by you! I am going to take your lead and I will keep a tally of what I am actually doing, just in case I ever need “evidence” again!

    Thank you <3

    1. Hi Stacey, thank you I like your energy and it makes my heart sing that you were inspired to keep track of what you are achieving. yes needing that evidence can block us ♡♡♡

  5. Suzie, this is wonderful!
    It is so easy for us to slip into our mind chatter and get lost in the noise. Great reminder. Thank you for sharing!
    I choose to “see today as a day to acknowledge the small steps I have made and use these as a springboard to move into February with joy”. RIGHT ON! 🙂

  6. Hi Suzie,

    Thank you for such an uplifting post. What you said about celebrating your wins really spoke to me. It’s amazing how quickly the solutions can slip out of view while you’re busy concentrating on the ‘problems.’ The power of focus is everything! The hard part is learning to control the direction of focus! 🙂

    Love and blessings

    1. Hi Emma, Yes the hard part as you say it controlling the direction of the focus and keeping the shiny bright objects at bay
      Great that my words spoke to you, keep celebrating those wins ♡♡♡

  7. Great way to shift that energy, Suzie. I used to beat up on myself incessantly, until I decided it was all just a load of crap. Now when I head towards feeling like I don’t add up in some way, I give something away – I have a day of free readings on my Facebook page, or offer a friend some help. That brings me out of it so fast!

    Big Love <3

  8. Love how you made that shift Suzie.. time to love and nourish yourself, to recognise your wonder and all you do do, instead of beating yourself up for what you don’t.. Empowering!

    I am the same this end of month, I can’t believe how it is gone and I’ve not even completed my year intentions but it would be counter productive to allow that voice to take over. its a lot quieter these days as my daily intention to be self loving. It means I notice it immediatly, as its not my usual voice anymore, its an intruder and I change tone, change words and change the feeling immediately by just choosing to. Sometimes it really is as simple as that.

    Sometimes it’s not but I know ‘this too shall pass’ I don’t take it as gospel..

    Much love Suzie, love your artwork on the beginning of the video and how you speak.. with love xo

  9. When I have a good talking to myself, I am frustrated about the level of selective hearing. Next time, positive me is going to get the megaphone out so I can drown out the negative chatter.

  10. Amazing, Suzie. You did a fantastic job of tuning out your inner critic. 🙂 It’s amazing what we might neglect to remember during a beat-up session… such as the fact you’d been under the weather. I hope this helps you to shut it down & turn it around even faster next time!!

  11. I have negative chatter in my mind almost daily, but I’ve been doing a great job in the past years not to worry too much. If nothing works to stop it, I just go relax and call it a day. Having a nice chat with my daughters or playing with my puppy helps a lot too to get rid of that negative energy.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, Suzie!

  12. I have negative chatter in my mind almost daily, but I’ve been doing a great job in the past years not to worry too much. If nothing works to stop it, I just go relax and call it a day. Having a nice chat with my daughters or playing with my puppy helps a lot too to get rid of that negative energy.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, Suzie!

  13. I tend to beat myself up almost everyday, but I never allow myself to end with negative thoughts. I journal everyday, so I look at the situation to see what I did right and how I can change it next time. I think it’s natural to assess ourselves, whether it’s a positive or negative situation, but it’s important to always find the positive piece.

    1. Hi Keri,
      you comment I tend to beat myself up almost everyday brought a smile to my face- why is it so easy to do- also easy not to do if we go inwards and feel the love ♡♡♡

  14. Hi Suzie –

    I’m so glad you joined the rest of us in appreciating what you’ve accomplished. You’re uplifting a lot of people with your heart-centred messages.

    My inner critic definitely needs a mouth gag. Working on that.

    1. Thanks Susan for sharing that, i am getting more messages that tell me that .Des keeps pulling me up on my inner critic and reminding me that I aught him all of this- i need a little more to rub back on me 🙂

  15. Suzie love the way you worked through to clarity. By focus on your achievements you don’t give any power to the mind chatter.

    In my energy work when these sabotaging thoughts are at work it can be surrogates or programming from the past. There are lots of ways that energies not relevant to us can affect our thoughts and behaviour.

    1. I wish that was true Lorelle 🙂 Yes getting clarity has been big for me in the past week. When i don’t have the clarity i get blocked! yes I am fortuntate and that i have learned to make the shift now very quickly ♡♡♡

  16. I love your description of negativism “disempowering mind chatter.” There is so much of it bombarding us, that at times it takes exceptional effort to overpower it. I would love to join you for a morning beach walk and swim . . . wow! what a way to let go and release the chatter from the mind. Reading your posts is another way for switching the focus to the positive in and around us. Thanks for helping us find gratitude in what we accomplish as we go about our daily lives. It’s always a pleasure to visit your site. 🙂

  17. Love, love, love this post. It’s so important to celebrate ALL our wins and so easy to let them be overshadowed by other things. Good for you! I will join you in making this a sacred monthly ritual, thank you Suzie x

    1. That is wonderful Heather, What was even better as I further reviewed I found more things to celebrate and it has given me a way to get even more clarity that will propel me into February ♡♡♡

  18. Hi Suzie, great graphics you have there. I have not thought of this for a while so I am very grateful to have read this post of yours. Now I feel how much important it is to celebrate small victories. Of course we have all different sets of ways on calming down and focusing on things. Thanks for sharing, Suzie.

    Best Regards,


  19. How many times have I written those same sentiments in my journal?! I know well the experience of concentrating on what I haven’t done–over a week, a month, a year, or a decade! Thankfully, I have learned how utterly useless it is to beat myself up (not an expression I typically use but one that does capture the issue). How bemoaning my failures only digs me in deeper. I have learned a more compassionate stance and an acceptance of who I am (a person who has accomplished some things and not others), which brings me a sense of inner balance that lets me then proceed to doing more of what I really want to do.

    1. Hi Judy,
      you have expressed your sentiments so beautifully, touched my soul and a place in my heart that we all know when we believe we can and that we are enough magic love Suzie ♡♡♡

  20. Hello Suzie,
    Thank you for this post.
    I love your question: What do you do when you beat up on you?
    My answer: I do my best to remind myself that what I am feeling in the moment is okay,. Then I do my best to calm my thoughts and calm my breath. And then when I am ready ( anywhere from 30 seconds to a month) – I take some relevant action.
    Journaling, meditation, therapy, my business support group, walking, yoga, deep breathing, taking naps – are key self care tools that I use to help calm and focus myself.
    -Peace & Blessings! -Phyllis

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      you comment brought a smile to my heart and face. i loved the 30 seconds to a month- i know that feeling.
      Thanks for sharing you tools, all ones I use too ♡♡♡

  21. Suzie, I’m gonna lean on this one, big time. As I turn the corner into February, I’m going to stand tall and with great gratitude, move into what’s next for me to do, with maybe even more spaciousness in my schedule.

    If I’m not getting everything done the way I’m planning things, maybe the message is for mt to change the way I plan!

    Ease and grace, ease and grace, ease and grace…

    Much love!

    1. I hear you Sue as I am about to go offline to really plan my February so it allows me to be truly grateful as well as to move me and my biz forward.
      I hope you are feeling better? I like the idea of more spaciousness in one’s schedule ♡♡♡

  22. Suzie, When I’m working hard, sometimes I become tense and the inner critic emerges. I now take this as a sign to take a break! Fresh air, sunshine, good music, anything to nurture the inner child. My friend Tina in Australia just wrote a similar post to yours about celebrating small victories. Synchronicity all around! Love, Martine

    1. Hi Martine,
      Love the synchronicty 🙂 Yes music is a wonderful nurturer for the heart as well as the inner critic, it can transport one into faraway places. Love Suzie ♡♡♡

  23. Hi Suzie! Who could resist that mesmerizing graphic! Loved listening to your experience about learning to celebrate the small things … so absolutely true!

    Sharing: As January has progressed, so many things were presenting themselves in my life; new and not so new. I had a deep-seated feeling to just stop … stop everything.
    So far I’ve taken a week to myself, tuning in to the ‘outside’ when I felt like it. I’ve been waiting and listening. Some answers are coming through and I expect more. I have initiated action on what has presented and will follow through on what comes next.

    I have realized that I have to set my agenda and not be carried away by the euphoria of others, as enticing as they might be. People are showing up and so are ideas and actions. I have invited goodness and growth into my life in a big way and it is happening.

    February will be a great month, though I have not deliberately planned it.! Gratitude is my best prayer.

    1. Gratitude is always one’s best prayer. Thank you for sharing you January story. it sounds like by stopping you have created space for the new. I am finding that I have to have some joy in planning otherwise i just get blocked ♡♡♡

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