This was this question I asked myself before I drew my oracle cards and meditated as I started the week 

how will wealth

The challenge is to LET GO

What will you let go of that will bring in the abundance, love and wealth you desire?

✅ What will set you free?
✅ BRING in all the wealth you desire?

Yes an ABUNDANCE of wealth in all areas of my life.
I heard last week from a successful  entrepreneur that

One of my first task is getting back to

✅ Create file and folder order on my computer
✅ Clear the photos and videos from my phone

This will create order and save precious time – two things I was aware of needing this morning when I was wanting to update my facebook banner.

✅ Clear my desk. I know I am creative so I tend to think this all doesn’t matter – but I know it does!.

When I ran my Textile Art business I had systems and I knew where my stock was, what I had to paint, who owed me money – and more.

Systems in and place and a successful business to boot.  🙂

ACCEPTANCE is the belief card for the week.


Really loving yourself too.

Then along comes TRUST as the action card.

YES it does take trust to step into YOU and claim the wealth that you both desire and deserve.

Each day take time to listen to those inner nudges, your heart whispers, and let them guide you on this new path to WEALTH in all areas of your life.

So you can take the NEXT STEPS and DREAM BIG

Yes, make those dreams real so you can create your abundant life.

✅ Write out your vision and read it at least once daily
✅ Create a dream board and put it on your computer, your phone and by your bed.

Now you are on the way to stepping up to your goal to:  


be you and get wealthy

Yes time to live your authentic life

Are you ready to be wealthy in all areas of your life? 

To be you and get wealthy? 

If that pulls at your heartstrings type me  or a 💜 in the comments
 or email me.
Have a magically wealthy week

Be powered by LOVE
Suzie xx

PS: This is the live reading from this week


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  1. Excellent post Suzie! It’s all about letting go and trust for me right now. Letting go of how I think things should go (Not nice to ‘should’ on myself!) and trusting all is in perfect order, because I have set the wheels into motion by my thoughts, feelings and actions. WooHoo!!

  2. Thank you for the cards. I have been ‘letting go’ all week! mostly stuff! I am creating space. And I let go of a lot of weeds this week 🙂 I love this post Suzie, you are SO interesting!

  3. Suzi as always I love your artwork in your blog. The quote that resonated with me most was the tweetable one that encouraged the reader to let go of what n longer brought them joy. So true. A closed fist or full hands cannot hold new gifts.

  4. Great post Suzie and so many inspiring and pretty to look at elements and quotes. I love to share your work. I find that lately, letting go has become more difficult for me. I pray and trust that this shall pass. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  5. Great reading, Suzie! Your cards are heart-meltingly beautiful. I especially love the heart on the Dream Big card.

    And yes, ME! I’m ready to be wealthy in all areas of my life. And some of it’s already showing up. For which I am grateful (and it’s also fun!).

    1. Milli you make me smile no one has called my card heart meltingly beautiful before. Love reading you are ready to be wealthy in all areas of your life. It’s wonderful to have it showing up as well as the fun, Go Milli xo

  6. Suzie, your cards are sheer genius. I loved the “order creates clarity’ backed by ‘trust’ – simply brilliant. Thank you for channeling this wisdom so beautifully.

  7. Each time I come to your site I can feel my vibration being raised….I can feel myself opening to more abundance…..Thank you lovely. I am grateful to know you virtually!

  8. Aaaaah, Suzie m’dear —

    This is SUCH a timely post for me. I missed my Wednesday blog posting because I was tying up loose ends in order to leave a project and the group that goes with it. No more joy there. At least I’m recognizing it and letting go a bit faster. I may need to purge the closet again, too. Functional systems bring such clarity. Thanks for sharing your vibrance with us.

    1. Wonderful Andrea, Thanks for sharing your story and yes it is good when we do recognise and let go. after writing this I find myself still hanging on! I know I need a closet purge! xo

  9. Hi, Suzie: This reading really spoke to me, especially the message to ACCEPT! Accepting our gifts is so important – it’s how we shine our light and help others (just like you do!).

  10. Are you sure you didn’t pull the cards thinking of me, Suzie? 🙂 I did a lot of letting go last week following up to the Full Moon and this week I’m seeing signs of true abundance in different areas of my life.

  11. “Trust your Heart, Trust your Self , Trust your Path” Yes, Yes, YES! I am trusting my heart, trusting in mySelf and trusting the path before me.

    Your articles always inspire me to evaluate life with a smile on my face, love in my heart and to enjoy the process, Suzie. May abundance of love, laughter, joy and peace flow in your direction.

  12. I am ready to attract abundance and wealth Suzie. Thank you for this blog. I will apply these well thought out tips.
    Am a be me and get wealthy!

  13. I love this blog Suzi and the powerful message in the reading! I love the reminder to love and accept ourselves unconditionally in order to shine our light brightly! So powerful and encouraging!

    1. Thank you Kelley, warms my heart. I think we need that reminder daily or we don’t shine our light . we all have a unique message the the world wants to hear , love you xoo

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