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Is There An Upside To Procrastination? | Suzie Cheel

 There Is A Downside Too!


“Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.” ~Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

Do you experience self-sabotage? I do and this morning was a wonderful example of just how I allow procrastination to stop me. I started the day with gratitude, meditation, a tapping on procrastination,  etc.  I then did let’s beat up Suzie? I think the tapping hit home! After a few tears, some anger, letting off steam on and with Des,  a beach walk and a swim in the river as the sea was too rough for me. I reflected on my thoughts and my behaviour and knew I need to stop the procrastination NOW. I have too many unfinished projects, too many irons in the fire! Swimming in the cool clear water cleared my head and I heard my heart whisper it’s time to let go and move forward. I knew what I needed to let go of. I felt a spring in my step as I walked home. I could feel a plan of joy emerging. Today I will complete a project that I have been putting off for months!

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.” ~Wayne Dyer

Last week I asked the question Does Procrastination Block Your Abundance?  Yes it is blocking mine and the comments below plus Carol Look asking us on the training call last Friday what is the upside to you not completing a project…… reinforced this for me.

  • Nathalie Villeneuve commented that her procrastination had hurt someone and that got me thinking how had my procrastination maybe hurt others?
  • Patricia Goslen  said:I love the question what is the upside of X ( our negative behaviour) and what is the downside of having the job done
  • Sandra said Absolutely! That’s my answer to your question. Procrastination does get in my way.
  • The upside of procrastination for me is I might have to have a real plan of action, how will I manage success? That is really crazy as I have been a successful teacher and trainer, an artist, I ran a successful textile art business and I have been very successful in the past year of healing myself, so much so that my Dr who initially scoffed at my alternative regime now calls me a model patient!
  • The downside is I have blocked my abundance. I have many incomplete products, an incomplete website and the list tires me. Des commented today I don’t have my abundance coaching in a place where people can find it. Well that is about to change.

The short answer to the question what is the upside of procrastination is, that there is no real upside, just the illusion that things will somehow get better if we keep putting off taking decisive action.

Procrastination poem

Emergings the poem I wrote 20 years ago that included the painting I shared in the post last week includes one of the emotions that comes from procrastination. This is the incomplete project I am working on today, A new cover for the e-book version that will be available for sale here on the blog and at The Emergings Book

Do you have an unfinished project that you have been procrastinating on that you will finish today?

With gratitude and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

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