Prosperity Comes When Fully LOVE You

I have started to journal my way to riches each day.

I asked myself the question before I did my oracle card reading : why am I feeling stuck in relation to my income?

You could ask this in relation to your life, health, relationship,  income or business.

I chose the income area because when I asked the question that was what surfaced. I am feeling stuck in not sharing fully my gifts with the world.

I hold back!

Too many irons in the fire 🙂 Then overwhelm sets in. You know that feeling?

The challenge card that I drew: Prosperity with the message: When you follow one path prosperity will flow spoke volumes to me. So, from today I will do the work and take the action that brings me joy and shares my message:  open your heart to heal and prosper.

When you follow One Path prosperity will flow

I will complete three things from my love list that I have been avoiding for weeks, really even months.  I will have a lovestream about this message and my book asking what do you want to know about the chapter I’m now writing about the drug that saved my life: Prednisolone and how I overcame the side effects.

The guidance cards card Inner Peace comes when you love yourself fully and release all judgement.

Inner Peace comes when you love yourself fully and release all judgement.

Today I’m loving me by doing my daily exercises to heal my body to make me stronger and to get my knee pain free and strong again.

How is this loving me?

It’s so easy to say I’ll just….  and then your MeTime goes out the window! Before you know it you are down the rabbit hole and those 5 minutes become an hour!

My New Plan

I know i wrote earlier about my daily morning routine asking How Do You Love You As You Start Your Day? Well some of my routine that went out the window when I fractured my knee 6 weeks ago. Today I am restarting that with some variations.

I will meditate, draw my Oracle cards, journal, write 750 words for my book then spend 15 minutes on my exercises before my business day starts. I am putting another 15 minutes at 5.45pm for the same exercise routine. I also will be adding in a painting session each week.

I will release all judgement and repeat: I am enough and restart my mirror work

Now to take a closer look at what I need to let go of, of  what no longer brings me joy.

Then you can expect miracles to flow when you feel the love.  The outcome card today is Love

Feel the love


What is your heart trying to tell you?

Are you listening?

What if you could go from being stuck to feeling free and moving forward?

Schedule your reading and discover the magic that come when you learn to really listen to the whispers of your heart. You can step into a life full of joy and abundance.  Here is the link. 

Open Your Heart: Heal and Prosper

All my love

Suzie Cheel

Get weekly inspiration to raise your vibes, a weekly heart whisper painting with a channelled message + more

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  1. Interesting how things are coming to you when you need them. I just started my “self love” work too and I saw your post. Hmmm… Universe is trying to send me a signal.

  2. Suzie, me-time and self-love are so important to prosperity because time is money. When we waste time doing things that do not respect our boundaries we waste our time which wastes our prosperity.
    As always, I love your blogs.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I love your comment on this especially equating time to prosperity and how that is disrespectful of ourselves- Boundaries are so important. Thank for the love xxx

  3. Hey, sometimes life sends us on wild goose chases and we have to just enjoy the scenery until we find our way back. 🙂 The most important thing is that you continue to value yourself in this wild roller coaster ride we call life.

    1. Hi Marty, I get what you are saying and I have to say some of the scenery has been amazing as well as the people i have met and connected with , Yes to valuing oneself. Interesting as i have stepped onto this new path I know I am vauling me and my message so much more. Thanks for being on this wild roller coaster ride with me xxx

  4. I find that the time I spend in the morning for meditating, yoga and journaling, primes the pump for the day ahead. I am more focused and find inspiration when I get my mind and body moving in the morning. Great post.

  5. I honestly think love opens the doors to all abundance Suzy. I see us as all naturally abundant, prosperous beings, but we block it from our lives as we indulge in negativity, fear or anything that is less than love. What you write makes perfect, beautiful sense to me. 🙂

  6. I love this blog Suzie and it is also very timely for me! The wisdom of following one path for prosperity has been a challenge for me as I love variety and I have earning income since graduating college from multiple sources. Currently I work for two nonprofits and my own business. Starting in July I am changing my role at one of the nonprofits and just mentoring/supervising interns to give me more space and time to focus on my business. I am offering a webinar in a few weeks for the first time and then an on-line course. I am excited about nurturing my business and all the wisdom and prosperity that will bring! Thank you so much for your inspiration!

    1. Kelley thank you for sharing your story and you challenges. Yes variety is what I love and crave, just have to complete one task, then the next to stop the overwhelm and see and feel a sense of both completion and achievement. I am excited to read your changes, good luck and love that you were inspired. Thank you xxx

  7. This is gorgeous Suzie! So much in here resonated deeply. I shared the quotes too which are beautiful! Many important lessons here – loving yourself and having that self-worth to know you deserve.. well… everything your heart desires is sometimes a journey but it is so worth it to get there. Taking time for yourself with daily self-care is such an important piece in this. Sending much love xoxo

    1. Thank you Jenny and my heart sang when I read your words. I just thought I am writing more like i was when we first met all those years ago . Oh yes the self love journey such a big one that is ongoing each day Sending you love and hugs xxx

  8. Very powerful reflections, Suzie. I am happy to hear that your healing continues. I can sense the energy across the Pacific Ocean!

  9. Suzie,

    I can relate to this post! I too am feeling stuck when it comes to income. Well, maybe not stuck, I do see movement, but anxious and uncertain. I have to remind myself to come into the present and appreciate what is happening. My old brain craves security and certainty, like all of us. I work with that too. I’m much better than I used to be.

    I am impressed with your daily goals. I had a goal to write 500 words per day in my new book, but it got put aside for projects I was being paid for and on deadline and visits and life…. You know how that goes. I am anxious to get back to it. I find I much prefer to immerse myself wholly in writing a book and get it done. Maybe when my son goes to graduate school in the fall…. That’s the plan now!

    1. Debbie so happy that the post resonated for you, I felt good in writing this and so happy it is resonating for people. It is an area I have not really shared about, at the same time discovering there are so many others out there feeling the same . Yes the book- always seems to get put on the back burner. Good luck with your too. Re the goals I am working with a new mentor and I have new daily habits to meet that are about building the biz, hence the income-xxx

  10. The unofficial theme for 2017 has been letting go of what no longer serves me and creating space for something new, Suzie. It wasn’t planned and the realization came to me last night when I sat down to do my year in review to plan for a robust 2nd half of the year.

    1. How wonderful, it is amazing how things fall into place. This is my real week for letting go so I rock the rest of 2017. Wishing us both an amazing next 6 months xxx

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