Lousie Hay  Today when i began my day I started with the question: How will I feel safe today?

 In my journaling I wrote about Louise Hay’s mirror work. No wonder I got goose bumps when I heard about 8 am today when I was with a magical group of Daring and Disruptive Female Entreprenuers. that she has passed away in her sleep. 

 I drew the LOVE card from my oracle deck about 5.40 AM AEST this morning – just one card for today. I recently have been drawing 3 cards.


 Now ask how will I fully love and accept myself today? 

I will start with saying:

This is the video is from my livestream on Facebook as a tribute to Louise Hay who has been in my life since 1985 when I first bought You Can Heal Your Life

This morning in the Heart Whisperers Group:  

Elsie wrote in response to my post when I discovered that Louise Hay had  passed from this world.:

 She was an angel we only borrowed from heaven! She has had a huge influence on my life!  

I replied: Mine too- and I just got goosebumps all over as I read your comment and started typing. In my gratitude journal this morning  I wrote.

I am so deeply grateful for Louise Hay, her love, her healing, her legacy. Her legacy is now my inspiration to heal all the areas of my life and show others how to have hope and do the same.

Who is joining me for the ride?

Always Dare to Dream

I read this on Louise Hay’s legacy page:  Louise was very vocal in her belief that age was irrelevant to achieving one’s dreams. To that point, at 81, Louise released her first-ever film on her life and work, You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie. I have watched that movie many times. 

Yes today I do say I love you Suzie and give myself an inner namaste

 Here are some of Louise’s quotes that speak to me and my message 

Louise Hay quote

Louise Hay 2



Open your heart to LOVE: Dare To Dream Again

all my love

Suzie xxx  

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  1. Oh, Suzie, I loved your list! I got goosebumps and literally felt Louise’s presence around me while I read it! I have always told people that when I grow up (I’m 68), I want to be just like her. What a fitting tribute to her life’s work. She and Wayne were the teachers of my heart and my life changed the day I found them … or, probably, when they found me. Thank you so much for your lovely post today.

    1. Barb I got goosebumps as I read this, we are both the same age and with a similar desire- we can still create from here. and yesterday in my meditation Louise appeared with this message and whispered: “ know that love heals when you truly love yourself, you now must show others this is the way. I will be here to guide you and remind you, just ask. Yes Suzie I am your new guardian angel.
      So Suzie there is now no going back. You have your guides, your angels to ask and talk with- don’t forget- you are not alone. It’s no coincidence that on Saturday when you went to put the player in the bathroom to relax to while you had your epson salts bath and you pressed the tape deck button and on came Louise Hay’s voice.
      On checking I discovered and old tape of Louise’s on Receiving Prosperity. ( I listened and was reminded of her wisdom.
      Then on Monday I was looking for a book on a shelf and discovered a set of business sized affirmation cards of Louise’s I would have bought at least 20 years ago. The copyright is 1989 only 5 years after You Can Heal Your Life was first published. The signs were lining up . We can do this 🙂 xxxx

  2. What a beautiful tribute, Suzie. Love is really all we need, and it begins with loving ourselves, so that we can interact with the world from a place of love. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork. It always lifts my spirits. The passing of Louise Hay is a great loss, but she has impacted so many lives that she really is immortal through her work. Hugs!

    1. Thanks Vidya- we were in sync 🙂 Yes love is the answer, the solution and so much more. Yes I agree the legacy she has left will continue to bring healing and love to those who choose to change. Thanks for you comments on my artwork , love reading that it lifts your spirits xxx

  3. Suzie, I love the Love Card, but what really hit home to me was the idea loving your-self. By embracing your self-love, it puts you on a pedestal, and everyone else must now rise to your love-level. Your cards are as beautiful as the person who created them, YOU! Louise Hay will be proud.

  4. Vatsala, yes that is so important a message to remember that in what might be our 3rd act we can built something that creates change and inspires and ampowers. Thank you 💜

  5. I love your tribute to Louise Hay, Suzie. I feel you spoke for many of us who decided that we deserved a second innings at life without the limiting belief that age was against us.

    Thank you!

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