So What is Abundance?


Abundance Defined…… This week I have been focusing on abundance so I thought today I would look at the word Abundance. There are many definitions and the word can be used in many ways. The wiktionary: defines abundance as: noun An overflowing fullness; ample sufficiency; great plenty; profusion; copious superfluity; wealth: A lack of scarcity. […]

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Abundance Comes from Being Grateful

abundance by suzie cheel

Each morning as I walk on the beach I am reminded of how blessed I am. Some mornings I just find a rock to sit on and mediate to the sound of the sea. Just mediating on the simple things in life makes me feel abundant each day. The beauty of the beach The clear […]

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How To Manifest Abundance

Manifest Abundance

Yes Another Manifestation Well wasn’t that fun? I know I am feeling lighter and the abundance if flowing in as I continue daily practices.Being Grateful and Showing Appreciation are fundamental in using the Law of Attraction in all areas of your life. Each day be grateful and acknowledge all the small things in your life. […]

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More Abundance

This weeks theme for me has emerged as abundance. Today I am going to share the fantastic prize I received this week from Social Video Labs. I almost didn’t enter. Wow what I would have missed. Life gets a bit like that at times, so many things to do. Then often the mind checks in […]

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