Suzie-Cheel-Heart-Whisper-Oracle-cardsThe wait is over

Now at last I have an answer for all those people who say when will your cards be ready.

I am pleased to announce that printing is underway and shipping will start later this week.

I have put in a limited  order for  50 packs  for this first edition. You have the chance to get one these so order today.

Suzie-Cheel--Oracle-cards-orderEach painting I have used for the cards is unique (one of a kind). Many come from my 365 day Heart Whisper Painting challenge, some from my Intuitive heart series that was part of my healing process and many were painted for my Heart Whisper Inspiration E-zine. The message on the cards come from my own heart whispers.

Heart Whisper Oracle Cards

What will you get. There are 42 cards, 38 oracle cards and 4 guide cards and there will be a link to a special page where you can discover more ways to learn to listen to and be guided by the Whispers of Your Heart.

oracle guide cards

The first 50 decks will come wrapped in a a piece of my art, so that is extra special

Heart-Whisper-oracle Cards

The First 50 only

Make sure you don’t miss out

You get shipping included worldwide if you order this week. I will be shipping orders before Christmas. International- Air Mail ( 3-10 business days).  Australian: Priority Post

If preorder now and  are a member of the Heart Whisper Circle through my website and the facebook group you will get a free webinar late in January 2016.

all my love
suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

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26 Responses

  1. I was just thinking how light and bright your art is… as if it radiates love, beauty and peace… Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Suzie!

    1. Millen ,
      What a beautiful comment my new tagline I am playing with goes colouring your world and joyfully inspiring clarity on your creative path. I love that you get peace love and beauty thank you love Suzie

  2. Congratulations Suzie – it’s been awesome following your progress and I’m so happy and proud for you! Your Oracle Cards are simply stunning and I just know they will find their way into many grateful hands. Wishing you all the best for the holiday season.

    1. Thanks Sue, looks fast- the hours and research behind it have been months in the planning and I am amazed myself at how fast this last part has come together, especially this week- i am allowing more

  3. Congratulations on birthing your Heart Whisper Oracle cards to the world, Suzie! Love the energy and the joy in your soul colours. Wishing you great success in spreading the message out far and wide.

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