The Branding Merry-Go-Round

In a process that’s been going since March  finally my brand came together. If you have been reading and following my blog this year you will have noticed there have been just a few different looks as I explored who I am and who I serve.

There was the bright bold look with the hard to read font called BlowBrush that I fell in love with. Chris Ducker thought I had dropped back to the 80’s when I bravely put my new website design up for review on a live call with him.  There were also members of my heart whisperers tribe who said it was too hard to read. I have since learned that as much as I love to be different and stand out from the crowd 🙂

That in this day when access the web by mobile,  what you have on the screen MUST look good, re readable and be responsive. I realised graphics didn’t work on mobile.

brand board

This brand board was when my focus was going to be more on art. I had gone from  Heart Whisperer to ART to Law of Attraction/Abundance . I even changed The Heart Whisper Circle to the Abundance Attractors! There have been a series of banners too.



In July guided by the whispers of my Heart, I made the switch back to the Heart Whisper Circle. Heart Whisperers who had left the group because of the previous change, returned. I did leave the abundance focus on my website. 

Then in early October my heart gave me the message in response to drawing the flow card: “Well you are not in the flow”  this was a breakthrough moment and I started to relook at what I needed to change on the website. I rewrote my copy to match my new mission:

 to teach people to learn to listen to the Whispers of their Heart and inspire them to create ripples of change  that then brings more love to themselves, their lives and the world.

All done and dusted?

Not quite……..

A lightbulb moment


Two weeks ago  I was doing a live  reading in the Heart Whisper Circle, for which only one Heart Whisperer was online, my BTBY ( that’s Be True, Brand You) bestie Jacqui be ( some of you might have met her in my Free Become More Abundant Video series) Although her reading was brilliant, I was feeling a bit flat, so I reached out to Jacqui and we skyped. We tossed around a few ideas that I took to the beach with my beach coach and husband Des. Walking on the beach I told Des how I was being drawn back to the tagline Abundance, Creativity and Self-love for Wild Souls that Leonie Dawson came up with on a coaching call in The Shining Life and Business Academy. I had used it a year or so ago, but something was missing. 

We talked it over, played with words and then……….

Des came up with Wild Heart Whisperers: A playground for Abundance and Creativity.  

I skipped along the beach- this felt great. I knew I had made a shift.

The new wild Suzie Cheel Heart Whisperer look was born.  First we got out the punk style photo that had been an afterthought when we did the photoshoot. Des saw this graffiti wall and thought Kimra Luna from Be True Brand You, would love this background of punk culture.  We really took it just for fun.


The black background emerged came about through serendipity. It was a gift from the universe.

When I was adding a shape into the new banner in photoshop, where I thought the background was white 🙂 When I added the rainbow heart to the black background it all made sense. It was clean and stylish. My new look had arrived.


I feel I finally have come home. I have found a way to intertwine my Heart Whispers, my art, my readings, a new Heart Whisper Portrait service, with my Abundance/Law of attraction coaching.

it has also given me a new way of making my brand recognisable, using the black with my heart whisper signature painting

when you listen

Yes there has been one more change as the Heart Whisper Circle became Heart Whisperers and my friend Anne Aleckson, who has been watching all my changes this year said when she saw that change she said, she approved.

If like me, your branding journey includes a few byways, don’t give up.

I have to say that being part of Be True Brand You have been the game change for me

Trust your heart to guide you. 

Maybe a Heart Whisper Reading will help you with your Branding breakthrough? i would love to help you. 

All my love
Suziesig1Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful
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This is part of the The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity Series:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six








Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

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39 Responses

  1. Oh Suzie, how beautiful to share your journey to finding your branding “home” I love your spirit and energy–they just jump off this page and hug me. ❤️ You are so amazing and inspiring. And I love your phrase “heart whisperer”

    1. Vidya, thanks for dropping by and making my heart sing with your comments” I love your spirit and energy–they just jump off this page and hug me- I will have to share this ?. Yes i too love the whole Heart Whisperer being . xx

  2. I love the way your brand has come a full circle and reflects the real you, Suzie. Wild at Heart is beautiful. Keep shining your light and continue making the difference you were born to make, Suzie.

  3. Suzi, I loved sharing your beautiful and colorful journey through your Heart Whispers of Branding. That Inner-voice that guides us is so important because it keeps us on our personal path to Life-Purpose. As always, your use of colors is a joyful rainbow to the reader. How can anyone not fall into that blanket of colorful love? Great blog!

    1. Kathleen I love this How can anyone not fall into that blanket of colorful love? and joyful rainbow to the reader. your comments make my heart sing. yes our inner voice is such a special tool we often forget to use xxxx

  4. Suzie, thank you so much for sharing the different phases of your transition. Somehow we think that when we start out that we have to have everything together and perfect. It’s a process for us just as it is for our readers. I’m fascinated by your process and love the new style. “Imagine being your unique and brilliant self every day” is your best ever. It draws on the mind and the emotions at the same time.

    1. Joyce I love your comments on my branding especially It draws on the mind and the emotions at the same time. That’t the shift I feel we all need to make from our headland to our heartland . Thank you you have made my heart sing. yes it is a process and one we all can be kinder to ourselves as we walk this path xx

  5. I have truly enjoyed your post and I can relate in so many ways. I think I had 4 different websites created before I came to leap for joy with what I have now. I had to evolve in many ways before I came to the place where I could share through my branding exactly what I wanted to say. The entire process is a great ride to take.

    1. Hi Liza with a zee- love it 🙂 I am not sure how many websites and looks I have had- too many to count . This one is here to stay and grow. Yes i agree we do need to evolve- a ride at times i also most gave away xxx

    1. Debra you make my heart sing and i love that I inspire you- there’s mutual inspiration here 🙂 I am going to be playing more , I think the more we embrace play the more we love and the more change we have for peace xxx

  6. What I really love about this post, Suzie, is that you demonstrate so beautifully the evolution of personal/business branding. I think a lot of us think we have to get it just right from the start as if it’s all written in stone. I love that over the six years I’ve been in business for myself that I’ve continued to evolve and, like you, evolving still! Great share!

    1. Sheila thank you yes it has been an interesting journey and as you say we continue to evolve, one thing I do know is that this brand will be with me for a while, just one change- as I add love into the playground tag line. it makes me smile that in sharing I inspire xxx

  7. This is absolutely brilliant Suzie! Like you I struggled with where I landed about a year ago. After spending many afternoons standing in the woods, being still, noticing without judgement, I gave birth to Pathways to Possibility: Creativity, Clarity, Connection. I’ve never been more happy to feel how right this feels for me as your Wild Heart Whisperers does for you. I LOVE where you landed!

    1. Thank you Peggy, what delightful words to read this morning. You the woods me the beach- enlightenment comes 🙂 Thanks yes I do love where I have landed. I love you creativity. clarity and connection. Funny I tried to move away from the Abundance still it kept surfacing, With the Wild we can be all of that and more xxx

    1. Rachel as I read you words about play and fun, I thought yes we all need more play and fun. The HeartWhisperers group will become somewhere we we make what we do play. Thank you xx

  8. Hi, Susie

    The result of your re-banding is colorful and wild. I love it.

    Thanks for listing the steps for the changes. We can learn some input from your experience.

    I love the statement that we must follow our hearts to find our ways.

    Stella Chiu

    1. Marty thank you and love that you have learned too- it has been a big learning for me in owning my stuff and trusting. I appreciate you comment about sharing, sometime i wonder, this post i know has value for others xxx

  9. Suzie,

    This has definitely been quite an experience for you! Just reading your challenges as you sought to create the right branding for you gives me quite a bit of encouragement since I’m struggling to re-brand my business.

    I know exactly who my ideal client is but how to classify her without offending some women has been a challenge. (Baby Boomer? Boomer Woman? Mid-lifer? 50 and Wiser?)

    Love your openness and transparency, and thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. Yvonne yes it has and so happy it encourages you. I know that struggle feeling 🙂 What about taking a poll with your tribe or in a group where you tribe hangs out. I know my openness and transparency helps me as well as you and others. xxx

    2. Yvonne, I want to tell you that when I launched my rebranded Magnolias West just a couple of months ago I did find that some women were put off by some elements of my branding. Using “Priestess” as a verb lands really well with some and not at all well with others. It’s been an interesting path to walk. I hold in my back pocket that I can always change my marketing language, but for now I’m moving forward with Priestess Your Business, Priestess Your Life full tilt, giving it my all, in full expectation that the women who need me will see the beacon of my brand and gather with me around the cauldron of healing that matches their needs. Good luck with your journey!

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