How to Make A Gratitude Jar

when we are grateful

When we are patient, we allow gratitude to flow. We hear the whispers of our heart, and the doors to abundance open. Using A Gratitude Jar To Empower You When we count our blessings on a daily basis we raise our vibes, bring more abundance into our loves which is empowering. I makes us feel good. […]

12 Blessing Quotes Open The Doors To Gratitude


A to Z of Gratitude: B for Blessings Have You Counted Your Blessings Today? I just said to a friend today when they asked how I was  I replied that each day I count my blessing as I am surrounded by abundance in so many ways, mother nature gives me so many ways to raise […]

Did You Count Your Blessings Today?

Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way. – Native American prayer The phrase Count Your Blessings comes from the Bible and asks that we are to take time to reflect and see the gifts that God has given us. Often blessings come in small ways and those are the ones most often overlooked. […]