Daily Whisper-receive

When you are receiving openly you feel full of love of gratitude and abundance Sometimes we block our receiving valves and find ourselves in lack. Not feeling good enough and often so giving of ourselves to others. I know I have learned to accept compliments, gifts, that free coffee etc with joy and love in […]

Happiness Comes from Your Heart

Daily Whisper _ Happiness

The Daily Whisper today came after I asked today how can I be truly aligned? Happiness was the message today: Then instead of writing today I decided to make the Daily Whisper at the beach. This was my first morning walk on the beach in almost 10 weeks.  You know the beach is my happy place. […]

What Is Your Heart Whispering This Week?

Weekly Heart Whisper Reading October 24th This weeks’ Heart Whisper reading brings a message of love, allowing and hope, In the video I explain how I drew the cards and how the message flows from my heart. ( 7 mins ) Here are the words from my journal this morning. When we smile we raise our vibes, our […]

Joyful June: It’s Time to Play, Be Bold and Be in The Flow

joyful june

The June Abundance Heart Whisper Reading The Heart Whisper Oracle card reading sets the focus for June. Starting with the Play card that keeps coming up for me. This is both about taking timeout to play and also bringing the love of play into out life and businesses. This can lead to being and feeling and having more  abundance and joy in you […]