February Heart Whisper Abundance Reading Who is ready to Colour your World in February and love yourself into abundance? This live reading was done live on my Facebook page  This morning as I reflected on the reading I channeled the following  Receive the love and the value that you are worth Yes, breathe it in […]

Do You Talk To Your Guides Each Day?

Do You Talk To Your Guides Each Day

What Do My Guides Want Me To Know Today? I was shuffling my deck of cards. Focusing on my heart and some cards flew to the floor I then turned over the top card was YOUR HEART KNOWS This is the focus card for me today That said to me it is time to do […]

What To Do When The Radical Self-Love Angel Comes Knocking!

My Fragile Heart

Does the Universe ever surprise you? Sneak up on you like it’s been watching and waiting? Well it did for me this week. Last Friday I completed my chapter for a book on Self Love and emailed it off. I felt good about what I had written. I then planned to write my weekly blog […]

Love Challenge: Day 4: Be Still


Be still, be calm Allow the love to flow And as the love flows The pure diamond That is within Reveals it’s light It begins to shine And reflect to you All the love it holds Sit still for now And feel The power of Your own being Of the love that is you. -Suzie […]