My Heart Is Fragile

Does the Universe ever surprise you?

Sneak up on you like it’s been watching and waiting? Well it did for me this week.

Last Friday I completed my chapter for a book on Self Love and emailed it off. I felt good about what I had written. I then planned to write my weekly blog post, when my body started to ache!

So an early night with a lemon, honey, ginger and garlic concoction that usually knocks out bugs for me. Saturday morning the bugs had not left they had multiplied! I now had headaches, sinus pain and a cough.

I posted on facebook asking for love and healing and then I rested thinking this would pass in a day or so. The sinus subsided and the headaches left, great I thought. Then I had a crazy sneezing fit and I felt something in my back shift! The coughing increased, the body started to sweat, I couldn’t keep food down and the back pain started.

Then there was an OH NO moment! This was not a good feeling. My mind checked in remembering this pain back from last year when I discovered I had crush fractures, and thought maybe I had had another crushed vertabrae

I then started doing more mediation and visualizing myself being healed. Well I am good at healing myself!

On Monday I wrote the words below for the Monday Heart Whisper and headed to Aweber to put the whisper together. I discovered last week”s Shining Your True Colours, Heart Whisper still waiting to be scheduled, I did thank the universe and put this one aside to send out later.

Then on Thursday after a visit to the doctor and being told I had a lung infection, borderline pneumonia, the words I had written on Monday came back to remind me. Maybe I hadn’t been loving me enough?

My fragile heart is whispering rest,

Listen to your body.

The wisdom will come

When you slow down and rest!

There was good news! The intense back pain was caused by the lung infection so that made me smile because that meant it would pass soon. it also was reassurung that my bone growing program was working.

Being told this was a 2-3 week recovery time stopped me, I said: “Well I am being really tested with patience and acceptance!” and the doctor said with a smile “I wonder what you have done in a past life?”
Something to maybe meditate on as there is another lesson here for me or as my friend Heather said the other night “See this as an opportunity!”

Heather then looked up You Can Heal Your Life to see what Louise Hay had to say:

On the lung: The ability to take in life.

Why do I take in life in perfect balance?

On lung problems: Fear of taking in life, Grief, Not worthy of living fully! Depression.

Why do I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life?

Why do I lovingly live life to the fullest?

Then I turned the affirmations into afformations. I am going to do some journaling on grief, as some emotions arose that need to be released. I know I am not depressed, frustrated yes!. I am going to do some heart whisper conversations to see where I may have a fear of not living life fully. I know in 2014 I am going to shine, best to uncover any underlying fear early!

8 Radical Self Love Tips

I mentioned in the video that I maybe needed to introduce some new self care practices. What I am doing currently as part of this healing adventure is:

What Do You Do When Your Radical Self-Love Angel Comes Knocking! (TweetThis please)

“As you notice your whole being, your entirety, your wise inner nature, there are messages there for you. Quietly give permission for your wholeness, your entirety, to share its deepest wisdom.”
― Janet Gallagher Nestor

Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Joy ♥ More Love ♥ More Abundance ♥

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