Do You Take Time For You?

Your Inner Child

Do You Feed Your Inner Child? I drew this card this morning and when I read from the book that comes with 1281407846&sr=8-3and read that I need to have some playtime. Well I had playtime over the weekend, you might have noticed I haven’t kept up to my daily blog posting for The Ultimate Blog […]

Why Does Change Come With Road Blocks?

Listening To My Body Do you have days when you have days when you are on a high, life seems to be unfolding as you have visualized. You have finally got out of your own way. You have just taken the passion test and were planning to make a video to share with everyone and […]

Abundance Comes from Being Grateful

abundance by suzie cheel

Each morning as I walk on the beach I am reminded of how blessed I am. Some mornings I just find a rock to sit on and mediate to the sound of the sea. Just mediating on the simple things in life makes me feel abundant each day. The beauty of the beach The clear […]