Where Do I Buy Them?

I have been asked this question maybe 6 times this week as I shared my card each day in Instagram and Facebook. Then on Wednesday Des came down and took my cards off my desk. He was talking about my business in his mastermind group and  shared the cards, people wanted to know where to get them!

Like a lot of creative people I love the process of making things that delight others and me, but sometimes I move onto the next project without doing the selling bit.

I then looked at my website and realised although I have a shop link the cards where are ,there is no prominent link on key pages of my site  not in a prominent place, I wasn’t making it easy. I have a mantra

Well that maybe is being fulfilled as I share them but my intention is for people to be having the joy of owning them .  So what’s going on?  I used to have a very successful handpainted textile business that I built a $80,000 business back in the 1990’s.

Today I drew the Strength card and the message spoke to me loud and clear. It is time to step out from the shadows and dance and share these products that do inspire and uplift and create ripples of change. 


The feedback I get from the people who already own their sets of the cards moves me inspires me and confirms my mission to bring more love to the world through inspiring and uplifting.

This message I received last week brought tears to my eyes.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I GOT A PARCEL AND IT’S FROM YOU!!!!!!! Sorry, I couldn’t wait until my birthday I was so excited, so I opened it :))))) Thank you so much for my beautiful card and present. Your Oracle Cards are even more beautiful in real life than they look on video (and they look FABULOUS on video). And they feel gorgeous, I love love love them. I choose three straight away and I made a video to share your lovely work with everyone (it’s going to be on my page tomorrow). And I’m going to use them every single day from now on. They are my most favourite thing in the world. Such a lovely surprise. Thank you so much lovely lady. And thank you for all your support. I’m so glad we found each other and created our special bond. Much love and big hugs – Heather Bestel Founder of The Happiness Garden

and here is the video:



Suzie’s Oracle Cards are my daily inspiration for living my dream life!  Each month I pick a card, then re-affirm the word and message daily.  I ponder on what this means to me. I am amazed how I can focus on the word and then live it throughout each day! ~ Karen Brooks CEO

Have you seen these beautiful Heart Whisper Cards – just released by my dear friend Suzie Cheel these cards are all original artworks inspired by Suzie’s own life journey, each card is beautiful, colourful. insightful and tactile – YES TACTILE – the cards are unlike any you have felt before, they have a silky amazing sensual feel, it is as though you are feeling the actual vibrancy and colour as well as receiving the beautiful messages from your own heart – worth checking them out and ordering a set – love Yantra Linden–xx

So where can you buy the cards. Today right here on the page and on my current shop page which I will be revamping this coming week to make it easy. 🙂 How much you might be asking $33 USD just for June. Then free shipping will gone.


Do you use some type of card each day?

Do you record your responses? 

Want to clear your abundance blocks or get clarity on a situation in your life? Check out your options here

love and abundance always


7 Uplifting Inspirations for Attracting Abundance NOW



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  1. So happy to see you getting the word out about your work Suzie 🙂
    I’m loving my cards and using them everyday. Such a pleasure to make you a video to show everyone how gorgeous they are xx

    1. Thanks and welcome Gemma. The hearts are what i started as part of my own healing journey and then I started a Heart whisper ezine where i painted a heart each week and channeled a message and the cards are a product of that , it’s an intuitive process xx

    1. Thanks Sue- I am having fun , I still have to remember- my mastermind remind me- no link to buy Suzie 🙂 Now to do the same for my art, my readings and coaching 🙂 xxoo

  2. Very lovely cards Suzie!!. I’m in love with all the colors you use and your designs. Congratulations on deciding it’s time to bring them out from hiding so everyone can benefit from them! Much love <3

  3. Thanks for this. Lots of us “creative types” are far better at creating than selling. I wanted to let you know that I added the affirmation you shared to my blog post. I’ll hop back over there and add this link, too.

    1. Thank you Andrea, yes we Creatives are, We have to see what we make as inspiring and adding value. I saw you had added my quote , thank you I ? you. let me know if you want the image/ card that has the words on it xxoo

  4. This is so helpful for me, Suzie, and I love the direct and vibrant way you are putting your work out there. May we all be blessed to release any ‘shyness’ we may feel about our work, and joyfully allow our work out into the world to reach its greatest and most meaningful possible audience!

  5. Good for you Suzie. Your light is one our world definitely needs and your artwork is simply lovely. Just looking at it brightens my day.

  6. Hi Susie

    Each card design is beautiful and colorful.

    It is the struggle for the creative person like us to market the product we created. Glad that you made your manifestation of idea into reality. I will share these with others.

    Stella Chiu

  7. I hear ya chica. It can be difficult for creatives to also move through and compete within the business world. Your cards are beautiful (as are you) and with your business savvy I know you’ll have great success sharing them with the world.

  8. I completely resonate with this challenge! We need to be consistent in getting our word out about our offerings and I often have trouble with that consistency myself. So good to see you stepping out of the shadow.

    Your cards looks so beautiful! I use the Wild Unknown tarot deck for daily readings.

    1. Sandra yes that’s it is is the consistency and i am putting systems into place to make this simpler and more enjoyable. Thanks for you comments and sharing what you use. Funny I have never been into tarot in the same way . xxoo

  9. Your product is so beautiful and captivating. I admire your manifestation of idea into reality. Creating a marketing video is a great way to showcase to others too. I will share these with others. So beautiful and thank you for sharing your gifts with us…..

  10. Oh, you are SO right Suzie! If we could only be left to our creative pursuits and count on others to just somehow be drawn to us like moths to a flame. Ah, but doesn’t work that way and I would be fibbing if I didn’t admit that I too regularly need a boot in the butt to market my own work. Thanks for the reminder, and for your beautiful works. Love the image on the strength card!

    1. Oh yes Marquita- love your sentiments. I think the secret is to see the joy we give others and then it is easier to boot our butts as you put it 🙂

  11. Congratulations Suzie on taking action to showcase and put the spotlight on your cards!

    It’s interesting Suzie that you brought up the important quality of creative people that we love to create and then fall short on the selling part. That’s exactly what was going on in my mind earlier this week and I decided to take action by updating some of my earlier self-help ebooks and started to post about them. It was tough because I’m working on a Procrastination Challenge with a difference but in between coaching my clients, it is better I first focus on what I have and showcase before generating new content. 🙂

    I use both the Rider Waite pack when I want a deeper reading and Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Deck if I want to tap into my intuition for clarity on a specific question.

    1. Vatsala I like that you are focusing on what you do have- there is a message there for me too. I have so much that I can update etc. I don’t know the Rider Waite, however i have a shelf of Doreen’s decks but not than one. Thanks for commenting and sharing xxoo

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