“The first duty of love is to listen.” Paul Tillich

Do you listen to the nudges your body gives you?

Those twinges

About a month ago I got a pain in my right shoulder blade

Normally I might just keep going and ignore it, especially as we had just moved and I had an office to organize and a garage to clear- so we could park the car.

This time I listened to my body and called my physiotherapist and made an appointment 

Blessed I got a session the next day.

Then the period of healing began, rest, heat pads, that became hot water bottles as my organic what pad I had made back then started spilling wheat. 
The receptionist at Physio Place suggested buying a hot water bottle and yes they hold heat much longer and less radiation as I no, longer use the microwave- bought especially for the purpose and lives in the garage 

I also checked to make sure I didn’t have a new crush fracture with my Dr as I had all the symptoms of 7 years ago when I had serious crush fractures that kept me bedridden for too many months.

Seemed not,  I had just overdone it!
So over this past 5 weeks or so I have had to really listen to my body

Has been a test of patience!

I have stayed in bed in the mornings- well it’s winter so that is easier.

Walked on the beach later in the day and not so far.

Yes stopped when the pain kicked in, no more pushing 

Been sensible when I went out, although on Sunday I did dance at a party

I have had a variety of different healings

One from Melanie Young, This released for me a lot of anxiety and tension I was holding in my body. Very powerful
Now I feel I may have found a healer in Lyndall Sundberg from Elements Chiropractic with Network Spinal Analysis that is really helping me  Such a gentler powerful approach
I am looking forward to my next session on Friday

Since Sunday- less than 2 days after my treatment  I have experienced so much less pain. 

Today I even sorted my art materials from boxes and excited about setting up a creative working space.
Starting to clear the garage so we can park the car in it.  

The magic has been that the affiliate marketing educational platform that I work with Des in has continued.
I love this business I can do from my bed and is building for me, as well as time and financial freedom the resources to build my Heart Whisper Empire

Plus I have found my soul tribe, so special. 

My big learning from this is that when we do stop and really listen to our body whispering, we are strengthening our intuition, we rest and yes rest heals.

I know it can be challenging to just stop. 

Okay, I wasn’t perfect, sometimes I thought I’ll just do this one more thing and then I found myself back in the chair or on the bed with the hot water bottle.

What I have gleaned from this is that yes our body knows and the more I listen, the faster I heal and the stronger my intuition becomes.

Life does become easier and flows more when we do listen and follow those whispers

I am developing real trust in me and my body wisdom  

Do you listen to your body and follow the nudges?

The Whispers?

Or do you feel like I used to you just have to push through? 

What I have learned on the path is the importance of being truly present to this moment 

Yes right now ………this is where the magic happens
I discovered this yesterday after my blood pressure went high and I was due to go to the Dr for a checkup for my BP!
I choose to be healthy
I choose to have 120/80 BP reading today at Drs and I tapped for 10 minutes before I went in and practiced being in the moment
This was the result. One excited Dr as my BP has been very elevated for the past few months, actually from last September she said. 
So when we decide to get still, be present and listen Magic does happen 

108 76

When Magic Happens, Abundance flows and we move onto the path of Prosperity


Suzie xxoo









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18 Responses

  1. Glad you are on the mend, Suzie. When we really listen to our bodies and communicate with it, it is empowered to heal. Believe it or not, I often just “forget” to do it. Listening to and working WITH my body and mind was such a crucial part of my healing from my brain injury. There is no doubt in my mind how powerful it can be.

  2. Oh yes…I believe in listening to the body’s wisdom. I help clients clear their emotional blocks to their physical symptoms and this requires them to tune into what’s going on in their body. We uncover the emotional story behind the physical discomfort, in other words. Ultimately it’s about restoring the body’s energy system, so that it can heal itself.

    It’s great that you are finding that it helps you build intuition and an increased ability to be present. Thanks for reminding and encouraging us all to listen in more attentively!

    1. Hi Evelyn, yes tapping is so powerful as a releasing tool I am always amazed how we continue to heal, grow and heal and grow , releasing the next level of fear, Thank you for sharing xxo

  3. I absolutely believe in listening to my body’s signs that my spirit and soul are not well. I sometimes believe that that ailments we have are the product of our spirit and soul being tired and needing rest. Sometimes to do this it creates and medical issue so we gain the time to slow down and reflect on the path we have taken and determine the best path ahead. Hope your path ahead is filled with health and happiness.

    1. I totally agree Raissawhen I have some health issue I can usually pinpoint the time when I was doing just too much, lack of focus on what brings joy etc
      Thank you and as I realise what I no longer have that brings joy things are looking good xx

  4. Suzie, like you I am all about listening to my body-through my dreams. My dreams diagnosed my breast cancer 3xs missed by the medical community and the tests on which they relied. Listening to my body and dreams kept me alive. I am so glad you are listening to your body and staying in bed longer and walking later and less far. Your body is a natural healing machine.

    1. Kat that is amazing re your cancer, yes sometimes the medical community only has research, etc to refer to and rarely does that include body wisdom. Thank you for being part of this conversation xo

  5. Suzie, we all NEED to listen to our body. And you have shared your recent process so perfectly. I too have learned not to ignore the little pains and to handle them as soon as they nudge.

  6. How odd — earlier today I was talking with a friend about this very topic. Each of us has undergone some serious health challenges in the past year or so and were talking about learning to listen to our bodies rather than just ignoring its wisdom and crashing through. Hope you’re on the mend soon.

  7. Great post about listening to your body Suzie. Lately I have been experiencing more MS symptoms than I would like; I am trying to figure out what my body is telling me. I have a feeling that I need to meditate more do that I can listen more.
    Thank you for inspiring me!

  8. Having developed adult asthma in 2005, I learned to pick up the signals that an attack was going to happen and I believe, listening to my body helped me to prevent full blown attacks and get to the hospital in time. I also discovered that while my taste buds might crave certain foods, my body no longer likes them and out they went! Haven’t had an attack since 2010 and I’m glad I listen to my body. Touch wood.

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