Be-seen“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” 
― Brené Brown

Do you hide your true colors?

I know I have been hiding some of me, my art and my business, I have great intentions and then I allow myself to be distracted and before I know it the day has gone and my to do or to love list as I have renamed it are missing the completion ticks! I don’t know about you but what I find is that often leads to let’s beat up on Suzie 🙂 That serves little purpose

We can hide our colours because you are in perfection mode, fear has reared it’s head with thoughts of it’s not good enough…… We can also hide behind dressing in beige rather than color. When I had my Textile Business I used to make clothing for people who like to stand out from the crowd, wearable art. The scarves are wearable art and  can be hung on your wall over a rod like a picture to enjoy when you are not wearing it.

Today I decided that it was time to share with you more of my color. My Wrap Yourself in Love: Healing Art. These scarves are wearable art and I have added affirmations. Scarves and wraps as affirmations? What could that mean?

Here are some of the affirmations. Maybe one resonates with you

 I Love My Growth Wrap yourself in all the colors of nature to celebrate your ongoing growth and the blossoming journey of your life.

 I am Alive to Color and Light. it brings out my magic CLICK TO TWEET

 I embrace my colors

Click here to see all the affirmations.

These scarves are a way you can wrap yourself in both color and love and give you a lift and will have you being seen.When you were something unique it uplifts you, raises your vibes and listen you might even hear your heart whisper: I love you!


Are you sharing your color with the world?
How will you be seen today?

all my love

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51 Responses

  1. My whole life I have lived my life as I felt. Colours have always been my guide and light. I never planned on what to wear the night before. I wore what I was guided to on that day. As a younger woman I remember wearing the clothes that my spirit moved me to wear. I wore bright colors coming from the Caribbean, I just loved bright powerful colours. I saw colours as my way of saying, this is me today. My shoes were also of every colour – – every hue of blue. I never wore navy blue though. I loved white and sky blues, soft pinks, and light yellows – – colours that reflected the warmth and sunny Caribbean. Who am I, shone through the colors that I wore. I felt lifted up and guided by my spirit and I did have some powerful impact on others who saw it as freedom, liberation, and love. I knew that I inspired many of my colleagues. This stayed with me even today. I do not judge. I am open to all and at the same time my spirit protects me from evil. Dr. Cheryl Cottle

  2. I Love Color! And have a hard time finding clothes that are vibrant! I’m the person who wears those Hawaiian tourist shirts – and those bright, bright chartreuse green and bright orange TShirts! I Love Them!! Yes I stick out … that is one of my fulfillment needs! When winter gets here … it is really hard to find those vibrant colors! Anyone know where I can get a hawaiian sweatshirt?! 😉
    Your scarves are beautiful … as your soul! 😉 I love your To Love List! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Big Hugs!

    1. Love it Ellie,
      I will see if I can locate a hawaiian sweatshirt- i has a wonderful one – Creativity is our tradition that i got in Santa Fe many years ago. Thanks for your uplifting comments, makes my heart sing.

  3. Hi Suzie,

    What a beautiful and unique idea, wrapping yourself in life affirming love. Just love it. They are beautiful.

    Much love

    1. That is a great idea Louise and I was going to put them individually on Pinterest, etc. I may still do that here. Each scarf does have an affirmation 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion xx

  4. Your scarves are gorgeous!! And I love your idea of the “to love” list. Wonderful! Such an energy shift from a regular old “to do” list. I’m definitely going to be thinking of my list that way from now on. 🙂 xo

  5. 2 songs popped into my head as I read this… the first – True Colors by Cyndi Lauper… the 2nd… she’s a rainbow by the rolling stones – Music is my favorite method of communication and I love those songs…. thank you for the affirmations and the song pop <3

  6. Who is to say it’s not good enough? I have people like a piece of my art that I have not liked at all. And I have pieces I love and they may get a lukewarm reception. Art that appeals to everyone doesn’t exist. Not everyone loves the ocean. Maybe we have to allow ourselves to make art we don’t like because there is someone who will most likely.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    1. Hi Julieanne,
      I can’t imagine anyone not loving the ocean 🙂 I think iwas using not being good enough as a feeling that we have within. Although i do relate to people liking pieces of my art that don’t sing to me and vicevera

  7. Hi Suzie,
    I used to wear black only in my early 20s, but now I wear colors everyday, sometimes vibrant, sometimes pastels, but no gray or beige. I dress according to the mood I’m in, the weather, the circumstances… I want to feel I’m a part of an environment I’m in, not to blend in, but to feel great as its integral part. And of course, your scarves are beautiful!!!

    1. Hi Karo and welcome,
      I love how you choose to wear colour and be an integral part of the environment. It is wonderful that we all have such a different take on color and being seen

  8. Love this post Suzie. Our ‘true colours’ (Cyndi Lauper song springing to mind here) are often shadowed by doubt and fear. Isn’t it funny, talking to you I’d never have guessed you have a moments doubt. Goes to show that behind every fab woman is the battlefield of the mind! What a brilliant idea to tie a scarf and affirmation together, love it!

    1. Hi Julie,
      Love that I hadn’t thought of that song- it is ideal. yes fear, doubt and judgement do often stop us being seen,
      Thanks for your feedback- yes I am so often surprised that I allow what i call the fud factor to stop me LOL
      Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂

  9. Beautiful scarves/art. To Love List – wow, that makes it much easier to look at and get through. Thanks for that!

  10. I am taken with what a multidimensional artist you are, Suzie. You express your love and energy and self in so many ways. The colors all over your blog are spectacular, as the scarves (and pairing them with affirmations – brilliant!) I have always struggled with hiding (another theme of my life…), and I am just starting a path to move beyond my little secret places. Thank you for lighting the way with your glorious colors.

    1. Hi Judy,
      What I wonderful comment I may use that if you would be happy to be quotes? Oh yes hiding- I think we all have part of us that hides- the I am not enough, etc keeps us from shining our tue colors and when we tap into the love that we are it becomes easier. I am looking forward to you moving into the light 🙂

  11. I can relate to this! I love love wearing bright colors that make me stand out! I have noticed that when I do not want to be noticed , i wear dark colors.Thank you for sharing!

  12. Beautiful scarves, but an even more beautiful way of presenting them and then using them for affirmations! Brilliant! I recently stepped into presenting myself more of who I am, and am showing my colors. Not everyone is going to that’s like it, but that’s okay. I can’t be red when I’m more of a fuschia 🙂 Loved it, thanks!!

    1. Hi Jenny and thanks for your wonderful feedback. Just think how boring the world would be if we all like the same things or if wee resonated with everyone- it is our uniqueness that makes you special

  13. A beautiful way to be seen, would be to wrap up in your healing art scarves Suzie – they look, and I’m sure feel beautiful. and they shout out your abundance and love with their rich colour and their affirmations are genius – like purchasing a whole story to wrap around and feel the pleasure inside. Your collage of memories is sensational.
    Such beauty, you should be proud to create 🙂

    1. You make my heart sing Jacs and it delights me that you see my love and abundance reflected in them. Yes the affirmations are a genius- the idea came from my mentor:) That’s the first comment I have had on the collage of memories, thank you. I am looking forward to creating some new stitched collage pieces.

  14. Suzie – such beautiful work. I love your colours. But what I’m taking away today is changing my ‘to do list’ to a ‘to love list’. I’m curious to know if some things won’t be allowed on the list with its new name. Thank you

    1. Thanks Susan, I love your comments on my work- let me know if the change from do to love makes a difference- i still struggle with getting things done, I am focusing on doing with love
      Suzie x

  15. Oh my!

    What beautiful work you’ve done!

    I often turn to the “Beat Up on Audra” modality after a day of seemingly getting nothing done. But, I remind myself that there is never a wasted day. Pondering about or doing other things perhaps ends up being exactly what we needed.

    I’m a compulsive list maker and I love checking off the boxes… sometimes I just have to remember to add “Have a lovely day!”. As long as that box gets ticked, the rest are fine to wait.

    1. WelcomeAudra,
      Thank you and I love your message to yourself, have a lovely day. I know draw a heart on my to love list page for the day and today I have written in there i am love with a smiley 🙂 I am now goign to add a new box
      Suzie xx

  16. Inspiring message as always Suzie. As an introvert I have to always be on my guard to know the difference between my natural need for privacy, and reluctance to put myself OUT there to the world. I know the importance of continually pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean it ever gets … well, comfortable. 🙂

    1. Wow Marty,
      You an introvert? I wouldn’t have thought so from seeing you on the web:)
      I used to be very good at being out there, especially when I was producing individual jackets etc- definetely art of the wall and i wore it all the time too. Do you think that when one gets to full love and acceptance then the comfort zone widens one becomes more comfortable?
      Suzie x

  17. Those scarves are beautiful – promise to check them out! Funny thing is, when I was coming up my mama used to say “Don’t go showing your colors” which was basically a nice way of saying don’t go show your ass! But, I like your affirmations better! 🙂

  18. Your creative post added more value to my fondness for wearing scarves. They are truly a unique, feminine touch that project who we are or how we are feeling. I am looking forward to the fall season where I can enjoy wrapping myself under their colors. Lovely post! as usual. 🙂

    1. Hi Delmy,
      I love you like to wear scarves and this post added value for you. I love this They are truly a unique, feminine touch that project who we are or how we are feeling thank you
      Suzie xx

  19. Hi Suzie,

    I love that–I have always loved the idea of matching an inspiration to a wearable object! There’s something that makes it more tangible. I thought of this while I was at Cape May this summer and saw some crystal jewelery where each piece had a name like “Goddess” or “Diva.” It’s a beautiful idea!


    1. Hi Christina,
      Yes it is a great idea and i have used inspirational descriptions before and i have to say i love the affirmation idea- then it becomes more than just a scarf etc

  20. I love your colorful thoughts and evocative messages Suzie! Thanks for brightening my day!


  21. I love scarves. And I love color. And I love affirmations that remind me of my wonder. I know I am not alone in that. Your beautiful scarves are a fabulous way to put it all together.

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