Allow Yourself to Receive

Heart Whisper Reading

March Heart Whisper Reading Moving from Summer to Autumn(Fall) in the Southern Hemisphere and From Winter to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere Wow, a powerful reading. I asked what will move us into abundance in March in flow, ease, and grace Firstly 2 cards flew out as I started to shuffle. Then I drew the […]

Couch To Marathon In 12 Months

Couch -to -marathon

You Can’t Tell Anyone! Heather trusted me with her secret back in January and asked me to be her health accountability partner. She knew I would be honest with her. After all we have over the past 5 years supported one another on our healing journeys. In the video above Heather shares her journey and why she […]

Rebooting My Book Project


Making My Story A Reality After a day of feeling a degree of overwhelm, I realised I need to do some fresh prioritising or this book would never be finished In stepped my beach coach, Des. We were walking on the beach and I was sharing my current lack of progress. Des came up with the […]

Did You Choose Your Word For 2017?

Have you chosen you word for 2017 Do you have one word to guide you and your life and/or business this year? if not do you think you will? I find the process helpful. It forces me to look at what’s important for my life and business, not just what’s urgent or maybe even interesting […]