Live Your Best Year Yet: Listen To The Whispers of Your Heart


Reflecting on Last Year As we come towards the end of another year it is a good time to reflect on where you are now in relation to where you were almost 12 months ago. Maybe you hit all your goals. Maybe like me there have been some things that were great- you feel a great […]

What Is Your Heart Whispering This Week?

Weekly Heart Whisper Reading October 24th This weeks’ Heart Whisper reading brings a message of love, allowing and hope, In the video I explain how I drew the cards and how the message flows from my heart. ( 7 mins ) Here are the words from my journal this morning. When we smile we raise our vibes, our […]

True Freedom Is In The Journey

True freedom is in the journey

What does your perfect journey to freedom look like? How does that make you feel? I asked this question on my facebook page on Monday and  the answers got me thinking about the journey to freedom in new inspired ways. When I started blogging back in 2006 on the Abundance Highway: The tagline was  Journey to Freedom.  I […]

Your May Abundance Reading

Heart-Whisper-May- Reading

The Focus For May Is Freedom The Heart Whisper Oracle card reading sets the focus for May. Starting with the Freedom card with the underlying message of letting go of fear. This can lead to being and feeling and having more  abundance and joy in you life.  Watch the video and reflect. See what arises for you as you listen to the messages. […]