Color Prescription 6: Indigo and The Third Eye Chakra

Color Prescription 6: Indigo and The Third Eye Chakra

Working with The Color Indigo and The Third Eye Chakra

“Learning to see is a matter of learning how to look and of having the patience to look long enough to find what you are seeking”~ Anodea Judith

Indigo is the color of the deep midnight sky, of denim, of intuition and perception and is said to helpful in opening the third eye.  When I think of indigo I am taken back to the indigo dye vats of Nigeria that are sunk into the earth that I saw many years ago in Kano in Northern Nigeria.The deep blue of indigo is a natural colors and one that is often seen in Japanese Textiles.

Indigo Vats

Taken from The Living Arts of Nigeria by William Fagg

Indigo is the color of the sixth chakra, our third eye or brow chakra, which is the gateway to our intuition. The sixth chakra is where we learn to interpret, perceive, see, understand, and recognize ourselves and the world around us both accurately and authentically. It is where illumination, visualization, imagination, dreams, insight and intuition meet.

The Third Eye Chakra says to us I see and shows us the way?  

Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.  ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Mary Jo Shaeffer in her book Rainbow Eyes: Chakramid Reflections suggests this formula:

The Third Eye (or iii) Formula for enlightenment is Imagination + Intuition + Insight + Inspired Action. Apply this method to your life and bask in the “glow of “living in the light”

The 6th chakra is the area that flourishes I find when I take time to trust my inner voice, I am using my imagination and I am taking action. I am in the flow and I am embracing change. When we are fearful of change, of stepping into our light and our power this can be an indication it is time to put some time in daily to open our third eye.  Here is a third eye chakra meditation for you. You might like to sit for a moment and see what response you feel.

Here are 7 ways I have found that help in opening my third eye chakra:

 Meditate. I light a candle and then  take time to be still,( start with 10 minutes morning and evening, try 5 minutes if 10 seems daunting at first). I start with 3 deep breaths and feel myself relax,then I ask the question: What does my inner wisdom want me to know today? Thoughts will come and go, like the wind let them fly away. Listen to what you body is telling you- it might be a feeling, a picture, a sound. Allow yourself to listen and trust. You might like to keep a journal beside you and jot down after the 5 0r 10 minutes, any message you received. This will increase your trusting muscle. (PS I use Insight timer on my phone to keep track of the time.) You might also use a Chakra healing meditation of mine

  Use Oracle cards: Today  I asked  what will help me move forward now from Doreen Virtue’s Healing With The Fairies deck and drew Letting Go and yes it was relevant for me today as I have some things both physical and emotional that when I release will be very freeing.letting -go

 Listen To Your Gut: Do tummy testing: I place my left hand on my tummy- yes the bare skin and ask for a yes or no answer about anything I want an answer on. A yes is when I feel my tummy breath out, if it is a no my tummy stays still. I also sometime use a crystal pendulum and finger testing.

 Keep a small notebook or use Evernote on your phone and start to record instances where you become aware that you are trusting your intuition. This becomes your record of proof.

 Visualize– Use your middle finger on your third  eye ( in the middle of your forehead) and massage it and then see it opening, like you eyelid opening, be aware if you have

 Listen to The Intuiton Guided meditations that have helped me learn to trust my intuition more.  Whether you are just starting out to meditate or an experienced meditator, Angela’s guided mediations will help you open into your soul, your intuition or what I call your heart whispers. Angela was instrumental in untapping my intuitive painting when she gave me a 21 day prescription back in 2011.

 Read books and join groups where you can share and practice with like minded peeps. The Intuition principle: it is a wonderful simple Intuition guide, Sonia Choquette has been my guide and mentor in this area for many years and her Psychic Pathway was one I started with and her new book Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You to Fulfillment and Flow
I have just ordered. You can use you local library too.

What do you do on a daily basis  to keep your 6th Chakra open ?

Want help with opening any of your chakras- check out my Love You Coaching special. I love helping you to love you and love your life more each day.

all my love

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Be Shining: Is Your Inner Light Turned On?

Be Shining: Is Your Inner Light Turned On?

Are You Shining, or Hiding Your Light?


As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others. ~ Marianne Williamson 

Are you letting you light shine brightly for you and the world to see or are you hiding your light under a bushel?

As the moon shone on Wednesday evening and there was magical energy, I planned a Full Moon ritual to release those those feelings and thoughts that I allow to creep in sometimes that bring on the FUD factor.  I wrote down in my journal that I would do a full moon painting.  I had no idea what would emerge onto the paper when I started to paint last night at 9.13pm. I chose a soft blue that I washed over with a deep blue, some white and then layered it with purple. My brush was so full of paint that I brushed the excess onto a board that was at hand. That was how I come to have two moon paintings. The second painting having a deeper background and a heart shape. The gold was my next color choice, representing the new energies that are coming  and then the moon shining brightly.

moon releasing

After I had completed the paintings I went outside to look at the full moon and perfection was the word that came to me. I then lit a candle and brought out the paper that I had written the words and feelings I was wanting to release.  It was now time to clear away  what has been me holding back. This is an exercise I have done in different form over the years. Last night I chose to draw a red heart  to hold what I was releasing.  Then it was time to meditate, yes under the moonlight, read the words within the heart and then light the paper and release into the night sky.


Then as I went to sleep I asked for my dreams to be filled with my hearts desires.

When I woke this morning I felt light and thought what are some ways that I can continue let my light stay shining brightly?

Here are 7 ways that I know help me shine my light:  

 I meditate and ask my inner wisdom, my guides and my angels to help and guide me.

 I ask each morning how may I serve.

 I focus on what I really really want ~ my heart’s desire ~ what juices me and makes my heart sing.

 I do mirror exercises and say I love you Suzie.

 I smile ~ I wake up with a smile and I smile at the people I pass on my beach walk, at the shops etc. You do shine when you smile.

 I let go of the woulds, the coulds and shoulds and I am kind to ME

 I tap away any fears and doubts (Emotional Freedom Technique). I find this an empowering, quick way to shift negativity as well as a powerful healing tool that I used daily during my healing journey.

All these things raise my vibes and make me feel good. When we feel good we we shine and we step into our light.

People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 1-am-a-staned-glass-window

How do you let your light shine?

How does it make you feel?

all my love

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BE Courageous ~ Making Change, Making A Difference

BE Courageous ~ Making Change, Making A Difference


It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~ e.e. cummings

BEach Inspiration: BE Courageous 

To be courageous is something that we do to overcomes fear, create a lifestyle change, something we see often see others doing and we are inspired by. Being courageous helps us creates change and make a difference. We often equate courage with bravery and as Nelson Mandela says

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Have you been faced with an event in your life where you have been courageous? On my recent healing journey

I know now I have been courageous, I have made many lifestyle changes: my alkaline eating, my quantum healing when I made the choice to stop taking drugs and focus on healing myself. the interviews I did  and videos I made in spite of  my “moon face” appearance, and more.

We all have a choice to change and when we step into the change we often let go of fear and we do make a difference firstly to our own life and so often that creates a ripple effect that touches others and makes a difference.

Recently Dona Donato  from Giggling Gorilla Productions  for contacted me to be one of their expert resources and shared the vision she and Michael Kobert had to bring Living The Courage Vibe  Documentary to the world.

The story stirred my soul. The trailer introduces you to the White family who is committed to living a courageous life. They made a choice to  get off what they saw as living on auto pilot, give up everything for an epic adventure to Find it all!  They believe that living courageously, living dreams and being of service to others – can transform lives!

Allison White the 11 year old special needs daughter whose life began in a Russian orphanage says: be brave and face your fears!

Living the Courage Vibe is an inspirational documentary and epic global journey from the suburbs of Portland to the dunes of the mighty Sahara.  In search of the true meaning of life we follow the bold adventures of an extraordinary family.  Presenting powerful interviews from contemporary thought leaders – this film uncovers secrets that awaken and inspire us to come alive to our dreams and transform ourselves and our communities.

 You can donate by clicking on the bracelet

Living The courage vibe

You can read more about the family. how you can help and the documentary here.

What courageous choices have you made that have created change and made a diference?

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Be Love, Namaste


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Be Listening


 “The first duty of love is to listen.” Paul Tillich

The message this week for me seems to be all about listening.
On Monday I drew the angel card Listen  from The Daily Guidance cards  and later that day I wrote the words below for your weekly Heart Whisper

Are you listening
Your angels ask?
We have a message for you.
Find a quiet place,
Be still.
Take out your journal,
Allow the words to flow…
Your heart whispers
Are guiding you to freedom

be listening

The angels must be really trying to get through to me as this morning when I was thinking about what BEach Inspiration  I would share today I decided to draw a card and yes it was Listen  again!

I then knew that the message for today was to be about listening. I didn’t have this one pre-written in the sand, I didn’t even have it on my list of BE

The sun was shining so I went to the beach for my morning walk and to write Be Listening in the sand.

I then thought of how I could make this a growing, maybe even shifting experience for me. What skills would benefit from some fine tuning?

Here is the list I have started : Please add what would be a listening skill you would like to fine tune.

♥ Listening to my heart whispers

♥ Listening to my inner child

♥ Listening to my angels and guides

♥ Quieten my mind

♥ Ask for guidance and listen

♥ Shut off the inner dialogue

♥ Listening to my body and paying attention

♥ Listening to my “ah has”

♥ Listening to my goosebumps- I have has many of these today as I read the wonderful comments on Celebrating My Mum. A post I nearly didn’t post as my site did a vanishing trick and it was after Mother’s Day. I also got goosebumps and teary listening to Panache Desai today. These words moved me and gave me an “ah ha” moment

“The loving acceptance of oneself sets an entire planet free”~ Panache Desai

How will you listen to you today?

Do you need to get clarity and listen more to your inner child?  Check out my special Creative Change  Clarity Coaching Package that includes a Card Reading plus a clarity session.

Be love

Suzie Cheel

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Want to catch up on the BEach Inspirations I have done so far: Be Be YouBe Asking,Be Brave, Be Creative, Be BoldBe Clear Be Dreaming, Be Enough Be Forgiving To Be Fabulous  Be Grateful   Be Hopeful  Be Intuitive Be Joy Be Kind Be Love Be Magical Be Miraculous,

BEach Inspirations: Be Intuitive

BEach Inspirations: Be Intuitive


“When you live an intuitively inspired life the world will come to you.” ~ Angela Artemis

BEach Inspiration  Be Intuitive
To be intuitive we must trust:
♥  Our heart whispers
♥  This little nudges that pull you towards anther path
♥  The voice  that says go here, when you were going down another street
♥  Those gut feelings that give us a yes or a no to a question you want an answer to.
What is the best way to develop your intuition?
My friend Angela Artemis founder of Powered By Intuition and author of the recently released The Intuition Answer Book. Your Questions on How to Develop, Recognize and Apply Your Intuition Answered is a starting place. I have just read this and I wrote a review for Angela: 
A must read for those just taking those first steps in learning to trust their intuition as well as those who already use and trust their intuition. Angela provides great practical answers to questions on intuition that so many of us ask. What I love is the way Angela weaves her practicality into the answers, giving the reader examples and exercises to build confidence and develop trust in using one’s intuition.
 I know that becoming still and meditating is a great place to start. I also use my art as a way of tapping into my intuition and the Intuitive heart series were part of my healing process. Each morning I would head to my studio after I had got up and allow my intuition to choose the colours  I would use and I allowed the hearts to form. This a process of trust and allowing.


How do you allow your intuition to flow into your life?

PS I had the pleasure of talking with Angela about how and why she developed her intuition, why she wrote the book The Intuition Principle how she helped me through giving me a prescription that rekindled my creativity and more.

You can watch and listen here

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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Want to catch up on the BEach Inspirations I have done so far: Be Be YouBe Asking,Be Brave, Be Creative, Be BoldBe Clear Be Dreaming, Be Enough Be Forgiving To Be Fabulous  Be Grateful   Be Hopeful

Wishing You Calm, Hope and Joy

Wishing You Calm, Hope and Joy

Merry Christmas

This morning I heard the words wishing you calm, hope and joy spoken by the priest at St Peter’s in Coolangatta.. These words touched my heart and I came home and added them to the painting I had done for Christmas along with love and peace.

With gratitude and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

How Often Do You Allow Yourself To Just BE?

How Often Do You Allow Yourself To Just BE?


On Saturday I was on Skype with Ann-Mhayra Aleckson talking about her written entry to The Next Greatestl Speaker competition. After I had helped Anne with some rearranging of her words I started to share a feeling with her. Anne stopped me mid sentence and said she felt I was making a judgement and that I was back in an old mode of mine: “I can figure this out!” I was back in my head and needed to make the shift back to my heart. I had moved from the BEING mode back into the DOING mode. Wow that was a wake up call. Over the past year my friend Stephanie often has reminded me that I just need to BE! . It was time for me to get into allowing the flow mode. Just Being

It’s amazing the way the universe opens up when you do allow yourself to be, and listen to your heart’s whispers. First I decided it was time to walk on a different beach. Most Sunday mornings for the past year we have walked on  Fingal Beach. This Sunday we went to a new beach, the beautifully named Dreamtime Beach.  As I was walking I stopped to write in the sand the word BE.


After the walk I decided to do a meditation and I did what Anne had suggested and asked my guide Lily for help.I was quite surprised that my guides had some very wise words and ideas to pass onto me. I then took out my journal and wrote down what I had heard. I then knew that I was going to have to make some changes to how I was being.

Journal WeitingOne of the first things that I wrote was the names of the guides that were with me besides Lily my current daily guide, (thanks to Angela Artemis and her book and meditations “The Intuition Principle ), there was Archangels Michael and Gabrielle and my runner guide Jojo that Sonia Choquette gave me last year. I felt very supported. They told me that they felt I was ready for more guidance. The first thing I was to do was to paint 10 more hearts as this will allow the messages to flow for the Heart Whisper book and cards that are to come….. You can get your weekly Heart Whisper below to start your week with an opening heart

Just Being.

Are you taking time today to just be?

Live in abundancebe the change and make a difference TODAY!


Suzie Cheel

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The Intuition Principle: Interview with Angela Artemis

The Intuition Principle: Interview with Angela Artemis

How to Attract the Life You Dream Of

The-Intuition-principle“The  Intuition principle is about getting in touch with who you are authentically by listening to your intuition.” – Angela Artemis

Angela Artemis says  The Intuition Principle  is the key to finding your purpose, living with passion and joy, and heightening your success. It is that inner voice that directs you in times of need and the unexpected solution to a problem that appears just when you need it.  The Intuition Principle is a book that will empower you.  I have been using my intuition for many years and there are new exercises Angela has introduced me to through the book that will extend my intuitive life.

I had the pleasure of talking with Angela about how and why she developed her intuition, why she wrote the book, how she helped me through giving me a prescription that rekindled my creativity and more. I hope you will find something that touches your heart and inspires you to to either begin to use or extend your intuitive practice.

Did you have some ah ha moments during the video? Please share in the comments below. Did what Angela shared open the door to either expanding or growing your intuition?   The Intuition Principle can show you how to create the life you were always meant to live by :

  • Activating your full potential and achieving all your dreams
  • Manifesting abundance in every area of life
  • Feeling energized and full of enthusiasm – every day
  • Finding true happiness and meaning in your life
  • Creating joyous meaningful relationships
  • Establishing a deep connection to your spirituality
  • Receiving constant guidance from a higher power through your intuition

The bonuses Angela talked about:
Readers are welcomed to download free bonus material here. You get meditations as MP3s and the exercises  which has noth a blank and a sample worksheet. As Angela mentioned in the interview they will have more meaning if you have the book.

About Angela

Angela Artemis

Angela Artemis, an intuition coach, is on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start successfully living the life of their dreams now – not later. Angela blogs at Powered by Intuition and is an Amazon best-selling author. Her newest book is, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of

Do you have any intuition stories to share? Please share below or at my Facebook Page

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Inspiration and Healing Hands

Inspiration and Healing Hands


  My hands radiate healing energy, I trust my inner wisdom,
Your hands send healing energy across the globe, touching and awakening
I feel a tingling sensation as I allow the energy to flow
Bringing vibrant health, opening into love and being at peace – Suzie Cheel

This morning I was drawn to my painting table after 4 days of no painting inspiration or creativity. The color pink, then purple I was attracted to and with my left hand I used crayons to lay a base for the painting. I then switched to my right hand and acrylic pink and white and with an old fan brush started to paint and when I was finished I realised I had painted Healing Hands. I continue to be surprised at the imagery that comes when I allow what’s within to be expressed on paper.


Intuitive Heart for 11/11/11

Intuitive Heart for 11/11/11


Today’s intuitive heart started it’s life in quite a different form and when I woke up this morning after doing an 11/11/11 manifesting meditation that Andrea Hess sent me, I was drawn to over paint the image with colors that were suggested in the meditation and with an abundance of hearts representing the millions of hearts around the world outpouring love on the special day.

This is a peek at what the first painting looked like plus the images from Days 8,9 and 10

The Intuitive heart




Wishing everyone an abundant 11/11/11 and share what was special for you in the comments below 🙂

Color Prescription 2: Orange and The Sacral Chakra

Color Prescription 2: Orange and The Sacral Chakra

Working with The Color Orange and The Sacral  Second Chakra

Orange is the color of power and vitality, of apricots, mandarins, persimmon and papaya, carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato. orange is a sunrise, a sunset the flame of a candle.

Orange is the color the second chakra our sacral chakra and our feeling centre. It is where we activate our inspiration and our ingenuity. It can ignite our resourcefulness and our creativity.

Sonia Choquette in True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit likes to  to imagine our vitality center as being a fireplace in the belly, warm, exciting and inviting. It awakens the flavor, color, richness, and depth of our souls. It is the center of our human passion, and we are capable of unbelievable accomplishments if this fire is kept burning. All that brings beauty, intensity, and life force to our world arises out of this center. It is where we first feel the incredible potential of our Divine nature to express and create. It releases our wild side and instills in us a freedom to express our selves in the most elemental, honest and self-aware way. It is the center from which the infant laughs with abandon when pleased and screams with fury when angered. It is the part of us that allows our feelings free rein and expression without censorship, editorializing, or restraint and accepts all that we feel as part of our natural divine make-up.

This has been an empowering week of painting purely by intuition. I never had to think what was i putting down on paper, what flowed flowed from within.

Share you experiences with the color orande and the Sacral chakra below

The next color prescription with be yellow and the third chakra next week.

Here are the links for all the other Chakra Color PrescriptionsRed, Orange Yellow. Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

Be inspired, be empowered, be the change and make a difference TODAY! And remember to have FUN

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Color Prescription I: Red and The First Chakra

Color Prescription I: Red and The First Chakra

Working with The Color Red and The First Chakra

The color red has many moods,
many meanings,many messages
Red is the color of fire, love and passion
Of fear and anger
Red can energise you
Red can depress you
Red stirs the the senses
and ignites the emotions
Red excites and stimulates

A red light brings us to a halt
and signals warnings too
The red embers of a burning fire
create warmth and harmony
A red sunrise always inspires me and
A red sunset delights and warms the soul
Red roses are a symbol of love
Red poppies for remembrance.

Does red ignite you?
Does it stir a passion in you?
Maybe even make your heart sing?

I have been working with the color red and my root chakra over the past 2 week. I was surprised when I put my series of paintings together that the last 2 prescription paintings that I discovered were the forerunner to this series which combines color and working the balancing of my chakras. I have had an online course called True Balance that Sonia Choquette gave us last year, sitting waiting for me to explore. I started on the course when I decided on the color prescription series. I have found that this couple of weeks of working on my base chakra were both illuminating and challenging. The painting didn’t flow freely for me and I feel that I may return to this color again.

Today I am excited about the process as in my meditation today I have come up with the concept for 7 color meditations. So I will be experimenting over the next few weeks as I work with each chakra and look forward to sharing these with you as I develop them over the next 6 weeks..

The next color prescription with be orange and the sacral chakra next week.

Be inspired, be empowered, be the change and make a difference TODAY! And remember to have FUN

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Here are the links for all the other Chakra Color PrescriptionsRed, Orange Yellow. Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple

Do You Follow The Guidance Your Higher Self Gives You?

Do You Follow The Guidance Your Higher Self Gives You?

Choosing to follow your higher guidance gives you more freedom

Those words resonated for me as Freedom is one of my primary values. This wisdom flash  is part of Sonia Choquettes new online Ask You Guides Course. This expands on Sonia’s Book of the same name and the oracle card deck I am using in conjunction with this program.

Today is the start of week 4,  and I just discovered a meditation that was so relevant to last weeks exercises that I think I will redo week 3. I am  listening more to my higher self. I can see how this is changing my life and as Sonia says this is the week to really get on board with my guides, angels, ascendant master, my helpers and my archangels who I am calling my A Team. When you realize how much you can allow the head to rule being in constant contact with you guides and your higher self takes practice and is a discipline. (more…)

Are You Living From Your Heart?

Are You Living From Your Heart?

Or Does Your Head Rule?

EpiphanyI have drawn the Epiphany card from  Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides Oracle cards for the third time this week. I thought there was a message for me and maybe you can relate to this too. The message from the card starts: “Congratulations you are finally getting out of your head and into your soul (heart). The flow of communication between you and Your Higher Self is stregthening daily…… and ends Remain in constant dialogue with your Higher Self and ask it to override your limited perception and keep you on your true path. Then  go with the flow your Higher Self’s message is listen to me. ”

How often I have forgetten to stop and listen to my higher self, allowing the pressure of getting something done by a certain time take over. This week I am listening more to my inner voice and observing when I feel the ego checking in too.
I am currently taking Sonia’s Ask Your Guides online video course and I am loving it. Each morning when I wake up I turn on the computer and fire up the page. ( I am using the weekly scheduling feature in firefox so I am not distracted by potential distraction that the igoogle interface offers). I then head away from the computer to my meditation room, light a candle, shuffle my set of Ask Your Guides Oracle cards and I usually also draw a card from one of Doreen Virtue’s decks. Currently I am using the Archangel Michael deck. I then move into meditation as well as working with the exercise that Sonia has given for the day. I am in week 3 of this 4 week program and I can feel a shift in how I be and I am asking myself more questions and getting more informed answers as I really listen and focus.

Along with the intuitive painting that I have been doing I have finally been able to harness my “what” both Angela and my friend Stephanie saw as being both scattered and fractured energy into focused vision. I knew I was still trying to juggle too many balls and had put myself back into a state of overwhelm.

I am now moving out of that fractured overwhelm state and in meditation this morning  I got a clear sign of my  moving forward direction. More to come on that over the next weeks.

So for me listening to my heart is giving me both focus and answers to my moving forward.

Do you listen to your heart or does your head rule?

live from the heart

Live in abundance, live creative, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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