Are You Really Willing To Listen To The Whispers of Your Heart?

willing to listen

Why really listening to your heart whispers can be a challenge We don’t know what we will hear and whether it will be delightful or scary or neither. Yes we don’t know! We live in a society that glorifies reason over emotion. Everything has to be logical. People don’t trust what their heart tells them. You  hear […]

How To Do A 12 Month Oracle Card Reading


Choose a deck of cards, naturally this year I am using my own Heart Whisper Oracle Cards. In the past I have used either Doreen Virtue, Colette Baron-Reid or Sonia Choquette decks. Don’t have a deck of cards?

Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards


Last Week I shipped all the pre-orders that I had received in December before I went away for a 2 week holiday. I was unable to send the cards out before I went away as one of the cards had not been printed and the cards had not been wrapped as ordered. I can see […]

Meditation For The Full Moon

Take Action With This Full Moon This meditation that I have recorded for you I did first this morning on my blab show. I decided to rerecord as sound was choppy. This special super full moon is special. I heard the moon was heralding time to bring harmony and balance into our lives.  Plus it is time to take […]