Last Week I shipped all the pre-orders that I had received in December before I went away for a 2 week holiday. I was unable to send the cards out before I went away as one of the cards had not been printed and the cards had not been wrapped as ordered. I can see now why print on demand is looking very attractive.

Patience Prevails

With printing, I remember from my textile business sometimes there is a stuff up.  I surprised myself as my patience was being tested. My plan to ship before Xmas went out the window and I was still smiling. My ability to stay calm in a crisis delights me. I have grown.

This all happened late on  Friday afternoon, the week before Xmas and no one was in the office until Monday. We were planning to leave very early on the Monday morning to drive south to The Entrance which was over 9 hours driving.

We left 2 hours later than planned, after negotiating successfully with the printers to print the missing card. To ship the way I had calculated the postage meant there would be some unshrink wrapping when we came back in January.

Challenge Solved

This was all rectified last week and on Friday I headed off to the post office with my specially wrapped Heart Whisper Decks, to ship to USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland and locally here in Australia.

cards-packagesIt was exciting and took me back to the days when I would be shipping my silk scarves and clothing, mainly around Australia. ( BTW there are still a few handpainted silk scarves on sale at  my Etsy store at almost cost price)


Color and Sensuality

What has delighted me with the cards is the color,- absolutely brilliant. The time it took me to turn every card from RGB to CMYK was  truly worthwhile.- and the feel is sensuous.  These cards have been printed on a heavier weight card and have a special finish that makes them feel as smooth as silk.

They feel different to any of my many deck of oracle cards that I have on my bookshelf. Eighteen at last count.  What I understand from the printer is that they will not scratch and still look and feel new in years to come.

I took a sample set with me on holiday and when I showed my friend Yantra Lindon she kept feeling them, then went and got 2 other sets of cards out to compare. This is what she has shared on facebook.

Have you seen these beautiful Heart Whisper Cards – just released by my dear friend Suzie Cheel – these cards are all original artworks inspired by Suzie’s own life journey, each card is beautiful, colourful. insightful and tactile – YES TACTILE – the cards are unlike any you have felt before, they have a silky amazing sensual feel, it is as though you are feeling the actual vibrancy and colour as well as receiving the beautiful messages from your own heart – worth checking them out and ordering a set  – love Yantra xx

My brother who, we were holidaying with and used to own a large bookstore that sold all the various Angel and Tarot decks, told my niece: “that this was the best thing your aunt has done, she has excelled herself!”  That was high praise coming from my brother. No he is not into what he used to call ” all that stuff on the back shelves” The New Age Section.

Yes I am smiling, it has taken me a long while to get a product to you and the world. The response so far is brilliant and has my heart singing.

My sister-in-law. Gabby has been using them each morning and displaying her card for the day where she can see it and be reminded of what her heart is whispering to her through out the day. This has inspired me to add in some others tools that will help others listen to their own heart whispers, heal themselves and learn to more fully love themselves.

As Yantra said: “These cards are inspired by my own life journey”. The heart whisper and the heart whisper paintings came from my NDE and allowing my creativity to unfold was part of my own healing.

A few of the paintings are from those first 45 Intuitive hearts and the Heart Whisper Ezine that began in October 2012.  More are from my current 365 painting project of painting a daily heart whisper. Today I paint number 348 and will share in the Heart Whisper Circle

The messages and choice of cards and topics came mostly from my own heart whispers. The happiness card was inspired by a comment from Susan Wright Boucher when I shared this painting, Susan said  it was her favorite  and depicted for her happiness.

Suzie of all the art I’ve seen you produce, this one is my all time favourite. The vertical blue strokes lead the eye up and make me think of happy things. It has popped into my FB stream a few times and each time it gives me an unexpected warm feeling.

Des chose the joy and knowing cards. 

heart-Whisper- oracle-cardsThe Heart Whisper card decks are now available for sale with free shipping and wrapped in a unique piece of my Heart Whisper Art.

International: USA, UK and the rest of the world  





What’s included in  the Heart Whisper Oracle Deck:

all my love
suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

International: USA, UK and the rest of the world  





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