Working with The Color Violet and The Crown Chakra

crown chakra

“Spiritual liberation is not at all a mere affair of the intellect, but rather the realization of the inmost Self, the inward vision of the soul, and the transcendence of the personality.” —Yogi Ramsuratkumar

Violet is the color of the amethyst, lavender, violets, lilac, of loyalty, of spirituality, of trust and knowing   White, silver and gold are often attributed to being colours of the crown chakra. White and gold are the colours I use when I am doing a chakra opening meditation, where I draw the gold in through the crown and the white, violet and purple I use for protection around my whole body and anything else too. I often use white energy as a circle of light around my house. I remember once  when we were living in Sydney, a relative coming to visit and he was quite horrified that we had the back gate open and that he could walk in. I told him that was okay I had a circle of light around my property. It seems to work for me.

The Crown Chakra is a door of universal energy and conscience. Through it you can reach a higher state of awareness. It has been said that when the crown chakra is open you connect with the Divine source of universal life.

I liked these words from Rainbow Eyes: Chakramid Reflections  A Tale of One Woman’s Journey to Chakra Energy awakening by Mary Jo Shaffer

7th chakra is said to have a dual nature- Physical manifestation on one hand and the absence of anything physical on the other. It is mutlidimensional and ever expanding with thought and consciousness, At this last chakra level. meditation is an indispensable tool for achieving higher consciousness, as is communion with nature. As you begin exploring your 7th chakra, know that this is not a destination, and that your journey in it will never end.

The brief color meditation includes a series of paintings I have done as well plus some digital imagery from the paintings on the Crown Chakra

Here are 7 ways I have found that help in opening my crown chakra:

  Be in silence: This might be first thing in the morning before the noise of the world starts. I do get up early today, it was 4am and I painted, then drew a card, did my morning pages and meditated before Des was up and about.

  Spend time in SolitudeIt might be taking time out in nature. I know for me the beach is one of the places that I do feel in touch with the divine and my true self. Nicole Cody talks about this in her blog Cauldrons and Cupcakes today in her post A little Solitude is good for the Soul.

  Meditation: might be a breath mediation where I focus just on my breath which brings me to stillness and leaves my sometimes monkey mind at the door.

 QiGong : I have a 20 minute cd that is use that calms the mind and centres the body. Yoga is also an excellent way to help open your crown chakra.

 Be and Choose Love: When we love and accept ourselves we come from our heart and we release any tension, then we are open to connect with our divine , our intuition and more.

 Use an Amethyst or Quartz Crystal carry one with you- not something I do after losing several. I do have an amethyst by my bed and on my altar along with Quartz Crystals.

  Draw A Card or do a reading each day. My card today from The Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue or use the Divine Guidance cards from Cheryl Lee Harnish


What do you do on a daily basis to keep your Crown Chakra open ?

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all my love

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28 Responses

  1. This chakra is also associated with spirit and it the color also assisted with white, lavender and pastel colors. If your favorite color is violet it means you have good balanced in this chakra. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. I love working with the healing energy of Reiki. The laying of hands has always provided a sense of comfort and calm for my mind and body.
    Thanks for sharing this article!

  3. Well I love the colors in the violet and purple range so just that alone makes me happy. I practice opening my crown chakra daily in my meditation and breathing exercises. I do try to find time daily to be in a space of gratitude and enjoying the beauty of nature. Love your art and your energy Suzy xo!

    1. Hi Jen,
      I love you comment and thanks re the energy. and the art- the more I do it ther more I know this is my love.
      Yes since writing this post i have been working with an ameythst and getting much more intouch with my guides. ♡

  4. This is kinda funny: we just received our new business cards, were supposed to be grey, but have a lavender hue to them. Hubby not particularly happy – it’s a project management consulting firm. BUT, consulting, especially project management, is all about getting customers to trust you with their business and their business needs. What better color to convey loyalty and trust! Can’t wait to share this with him.

  5. The violet in your drawing is remarkably calming to me. It’s not a color I have in my life often, but I love its feel. Solitude is something I’ve always needed, even as a young child. I give myself that gift often. But I am just learning now how to really allow myself to be in silence. I will see it as a chance to open my crown chakra.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Thank you for you comment about the calming effect of the violet, I must say the purples i have in my life are stringer than the violet of the painting, although a color I am using with my new web design. Enjoy the silence and the opening

  6. Interesting post! It is amazing how essential an amethyst is in opening your crown chakra. How has it benefited you so far?

    1. Hi Deanna,
      Yes purple is my fave color and right now I can see the purple flowers of the jacaranda out my window. I have been using an amethyst this week on meditation- something calming and I often wear amethyst bracelet as meant to be good for bones too with amber.
      thank you ♡

  7. I feel uplifted by your paintings, Suzie! Just seeing the purple heart made me smile. It was interesting to read that purple is the color of loyalty. I think silence is golden! I meditate everyday, but would like to do more. Love to you!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I love it when you visit, your comments always give me joy and thanks for your encouraging comment back at green that has me completing this series. I too would like to take more time to meditate, right now spend a couple of hours each morning in a variety of forms of meditation, from sitting in silence, painting, doing morning pages and then after that a beach walk. If something changes I know my day does not go as well if I don’t meditate.
      all my love ♡

  8. Love this post Suzie and I can’t wait to delve into your other posts about the other chakras! I am glad I found your blog through The Women of Facebook!

    1. Hi Nicki,
      ‘Thanks for the alert re spam box. Welcome to the community and happy you have found the blog one that will inspire you- Hope you enjoy the other chakra posts ♡

  9. Loved reading this. I’ve been feeling a pull towards amethyst lately and I love the term “be and choose love”

    Looking forward to reading more here xx

    1. Hi Chizelle,
      Welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment and delight me 🙂 I look forward to seeing you here again. ♡ Yes when we Be and choose love we can make real change

  10. Just LOVE that painting Suzie, and I have always been drawn to amethyst – should one just carry a crystal around, place it where I am working or actually hold it?
    beautiful post 🙂

    1. thank you Jacs,
      Love when you comment. I would use one when you are mediating and put one by your bed. I often wear amethyst as a crystal bracelet or necklace. That is the easiest way to have amethyst with you .♡

    1. Hi Susan,
      I look forward to seeing you here each week. Yes when we be and choose love our spirit thanks us and you just inspired this afformation “Why am I feeling at peace when I choose love? ♡

      1. I came back for a second peek as I’m curious about amethyst. About 15 years ago I found myself drawn to it. I have 2 beautiful pieces and a lovely clear crystal that are now sitting next to me. Makes sense that these would be associated with the crown chakra. Sometimes I think I’m a walking crown chakra with all the others sleeping on the job! Good reading, even the second time ’round.

        1. Thanks for your second visit Susan, Your pieces sound delicious. Maybe your other chakras are open and healed, rather than being asleep.:) Thanks for your great feedback

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