Finding My Top Passions

Passion test

Getting Clear About My Now Passions Attend The Passion Marathon Tuesday June 15th 11am PST- 8Pm PST Below is what  I worked on in the video and I have highlighted my top 5 passions that emerged as I followed the passion test instructions: Look at you list and starting at the top ask yourself if […]

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Interview with Michael Losier Law of Attraction:To How to Guy

law of attraction

Law of Attraction with The How to Guy……. I’ve been very fortunate to have been trained, almost 2 years ago now, by Michael Losier, the Law of Attraction How To Guy and I’m proud to be one of his Certified Law of Attraction Facilitators. For anyone wanting to have that experience and become a certified […]

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My Passion Test

Take The Passion test

Getting Real About My Passions: Yes I did take the online Passion Test and I discovered I still had some work to do. I went back to the book and followed the suggested instructions on page 28. Make a list of 10 or more of the most important things in your life, the things that […]

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Why Does Change Come With Road Blocks?

Listening To My Body Do you have days when you have days when you are on a high, life seems to be unfolding as you have visualized. You have finally got out of your own way. You have just taken the passion test and were planning to make a video to share with everyone and […]

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