Soul-flow-oracleToday I am sitting at Snapper Rocks in the healing sun.

Currently I have been really slowed down by a dose of sciatica and a sore throat, not something I am enjoying.

Below are the words that flowed as I shuffled my cards while gazing into the magic blues of the sea..

By being BOLD.

When you are bold you are stepping up into being true to you.

Allowing your inner wisdom to shine through

Then you release all shame

The doubt falls away

With HOPE you open yourself to the magic of you!

Then the miracles begin to manifest

The true FREEDOM that you desire


It is time to be confidently bold


As you come out of the shadows and

Dance into LOVE


So today step onto the path of your heart with boldness!

As Thoreau said:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

How will you step into your flow today?

Love heals all

Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!


all my love

Suzie xxx

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  1. I’m going down memory lane after reading your post, Suzie. The late Ma Prem Usha, an internationally acclaimed clairvoyant and Tarot Reader once told me to learn to dance around problems. It’s the sense of playfulness that she was referring to. That’s the best way to go and stay in the flow.

    1. Vatsala how special is that. Yes play is so important. Also Sonia Choquette one of my spitiual mentors is a big one for dancing daily . Yes it is freeing and allows for flow xxoo

  2. Suzie, You are on fire – a pure flame of love, that is. This post is so beautiful, so moving, so touching, so inspiring. You really are tapping into your divine spark and sharing it so beautifully. Thank you for being you, and for sharing you with the world.

    1. I read your comment yesterday morning and my heart sang and danced. it has taken me so long to really share what’s within.
      Thank you for being you and what you too share with the world . Yes i am on fire xxoo

  3. When I read your words I can imagine you, sitting on a rock gazing into the ocean. Part of me wants to be there. I love the ocean…the smell, the warmth, the mood. Often we are bold in our thoughts but we lack the actions to back these thoughts. I appreciate your boldness and invitations to love ourselves more. Today I want to continue to be bold in prayers. Yesterday my dear cousin had a major surgery and I reached out to so many people and groups to pray for her and I loved the support we received. Many people prayed but also, many of them sent positive thoughts. I use to say that too! I remember B for becoming a Christian when someone asked for prayers I would say I’m sending light and positive thoughts your way ! Now, I am bold, I openly talk about my faith in Jesus and say the word prayer every chance I get. It wasn’t always like that. But I understand and I certainly don’t judge. I just think there’s a lot of confusion in the world right now especially about where people stand spiritually. Being bold for me today is knowing my faith. It’s knowing that I gave my life to Christ and it’s knowing I can trust God. I pray for fast healing for you Suzie. Sorry about the very long comment on your blog… I felt like it was a safe place for me to share my emotions. Thank you for your invitation to be bold. And thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us.

    1. Nathalie I love that you feel this is a safe place to share to share you very deep commitment to your faith, being a christian and you love for Jesus Christ and God.
      I love you have embraced your boldness and how this empowers you to.
      I agree there is a lot of confusion about spirituality. I too am a Christian and as Des says I have an eclective approach to religion. I love Balinese Hinduism that I first experienced at 22 and still impacts me with their daily rituals. I use prayer daily. I really look forward to meeting you one day Love you xxxx

  4. I looove this! I love the question and how you wove your words together with the cards! Each piece is a wisdom filled nugget of truth. <3

  5. Yes, healing flow is yours, Suzie!
    I appreciate your word wisdom, “Feel the love within you, allow it to say, ‘I love you,’ and give yourself an inner namaste.”
    Tee-shirt? Bumper sticker?! I’d buy one: Give yourself an inner namaste.

    1. Thank you Lore, yes been giving myself healing inner namastes 🙂 I have the Love image on a Tee Shirt. only coming up on a shitrt are the words- thank you Love you xxoo

  6. Hi Suzie, Sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain right now. But glad and grateful to see, as always your positivity. This is such a special post. Simple and Real. Love is the answer to nearly every question and contrast that arises! xoxo Krystal

    1. Hi Krystal and welcome. Thank you for you wonderful comment that has my heat smiling this morning / Yes Love is the answer to nearly everything- just prating more and more people see that. xxoo

  7. After months of slogging through psychic mud, one of my favorite long-term projects is picking up momentum. I love the idea, my partners, and our clients so your post is not only timely but encouraging. Rest and feel better, my far away friend.

    1. Andrea, thank you i am feeling better, just limited in my physical activity. So delighted to read my post was timely and encouraging. Happy to read you have come out of the psychic mud xxoo

  8. What an uplifting and beautiful post Suzie reminding us that being bold and embracing hope allows us to shine brightly as our authentic selves and be love! Thank you so much for sharing your joy even when not feeling good today. I am sending love, gratitude and healing energy your way!

    1. Thank you Kelly, I always love reading your comments, my heart smiles. I seem to keep getting reminders to step up into my boldness. Thanks for the love , gratitude and healing energy- gratefully received. Yes feeling better- sciatica has been a challenge as curtailed my walking program xxoo

  9. Thank you for this beautiful post Suzie. Your words soothe my soul as I begin my day. I always know I’m on my soul’s path when I’m in flow. Flow is the way of the soul…<3

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