Prescription 1 Suzie Cheel April 2011

On Sunday I was gifted a what was to be a FREE 20 minute Mediumship Reading from Angela Artemis whose blog Powered by Intuition one of my favorite weekly reads.  Ande Waggener from the blog with the wonderful name of Up From Splat. (Ande say she’s on a journey from  Splat to Spectacular.) interviewed Angela for her weekly Coregreen feature.

I listened to the interview and so much of what Angela said resonated for me so I put my hand up to win the reading and to my delight  I got a message from Ande saying I had won, I was so excited. Angela is a psychic medium and master Tarot reader, and has been a intuitive, clairvoyant and on a spiritual quest since childhood.

Instead of the mediumship reading Angela gave me an intuitive reading. This was special. Angela’s reading was so insightful and reassured me that I really need to focus on one or two projects. I have too many things on the go and so many ideas. That morning on the beach I had said to Des that I was feeling back in overwhelm!

Angela commented that she sensed my mind doesn’t stop, even when I am sleeping.What came out for me was that I need to open to my creativity and get clarity about my next steps-and get FOCUS

Angela then said she was going to give me a prescription. I was excited and so surprised when she suggested that I go and get a kid’s coloring book.  I said I didn’t need to get a coloring book as i had a room full of art materials that I wasn’t using.  Prescription 1 was the first painting i completed,  I have combined watercolor crayons, with acrylics. It was wonderful. I realzed how much I have missed feeding my creative self and how important it is.

I am now spending the first hour of the day painting and I will share this creative journey here and on facebook. I came off this call feeling very blessed as well as being reassured. What a reading with Angela did for me was to reassure me that the answers are inside and that a medium can allow one to become more trusting. The parting words from Angela was that my mind needs to relax and I know through painting it will be for me another form of meditation. I am interested to see what emerges as I progress through this prescription process and listen to and note what bubbles up.

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