now you are enough

YES, YOU ARE LOVE Recently my soul was fully cracked open in a beautiful laser coaching session with Regan Hillyer, Juan Pablo Barahona and Tamara X Hume under the marquee on the tennis courts at #Freedomfest2019 at the Royal Pines Resort, here on the Gold Coast.   On the first day Regan took us through […]

Abundance Brings Me To ……………

abundance brings (1)

Creating Abundance is the theme for April Check out the reading for the month  here  The abundance I have in my life brings me…………… feelings of joy love and freedom. As I drove to the beach this morning I was feeling so abundant. I had woken up to the magic of the full moon still […]

How Will You Boldly Step Into November?


Heart Whisper Meditation and Reading for November This month’s reading speaks volumes to me as I have been boldly finalising my rebranding. These were the words I wrote after I drew these cards and so I had the title for this blog post. This is your time to shine, to get out of your limiting box […]

7 Abundance Quotes That Will Open Your Heart To Gratitude


Do you embrace the feeling of abundance which opens us into gratitude? Today I am sharing 7 abundance quotes that I believe will open your heart to gratitude. Yes when we are grateful we open our hearts to be receiving of my love which in turn brings more abundance. One of my own abundance quotes is: 1. Be […]