YES: ABUNDANCE DOES COMES THROUGH LOVE Where are you going? Are you on the path to love? These were my meditation/journaling questions Then I drew one of my favorite cards : ABUNDANCE So how does my question relate to abundance? Abundance comes when we embrace the love that is within. So when we stray away […]

Did You Choose Your Word For 2017?

Have you chosen you word for 2017 Do you have one word to guide you and your life and/or business this year? if not do you think you will? I find the process helpful. It forces me to look at what’s important for my life and business, not just what’s urgent or maybe even interesting […]

Discover Inner Peace Now: Listen To The Whispers Of Your Heart

inner peace

Heart Whisper Meditation On Inner Peace Inner peace is something so many strive for. That calm quiet when your life is in harmony, You have let go of all those judgements that lower your vibes You love and accept yourself exactly as you are You know you are more than enough Today when I was shuffling my Heart […]

I Am Enough


Do You Know and Believe You Are Enough? Do you say daily I am enough?