Branding Breakthrough: Yes, Do Be True, Brand You!

The Branding Merry-Go-Round In a process that’s been going since March  finally my brand came together. If you have been reading and following my blog this year you will have noticed there have been just a few different looks as I explored who I am and who I serve. There was the bright bold look with […]

3 Ways You Can Reset Your Vibes To Be Positive

Let’s Make Positivity Louder Gary Vee shared this uplifting message on  Instagram yesterday and it raised my vibes. Watch and see if it changes your vibes. I became more determined to spread positivity. I have made this my September project here, and in the Heart Whisper Circle   I wrote:  Heart Whisperers Lets Make September a month of positivity and […]

Are You Really Willing To Listen To The Whispers of Your Heart?

willing to listen

Why really listening to your heart whispers can be a challenge We don’t know what we will hear and whether it will be delightful or scary or neither. Yes we don’t know! We live in a society that glorifies reason over emotion. Everything has to be logical. People don’t trust what their heart tells them. You  hear […]

A Simple Way To Allow Abundance To Flow


Would you like to have more abundance flowing into all areas of your life? YES! I hear you answer 🙂 I know I am always looking for different ways to allow my life to flow into a bigger river of abundance. When I more abundance flowing I can make a bigger difference to my life and the […]