Prescription 10
Prescription 10 Suzie Cheel April 2011

Prescription 10

The wind gently touches my face
As I look across my field of dreams
I dream about where this might be
The color, the texture, the patterns
Take me on a fantasy magic carpet ride
To distant exotic places where
The winds of change
Bring freedom, love and joy

-Suzie Cheel

I would love for you to share any feeling or emotion that this painting brings up for you.

Prescription 10 with a difference coming tomorrow.

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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  1. Well Suzie, Here is what comes to my mind when I see the rich, vibrant colors in the painting above.

    The blues and greens makes me think of the ocean, so vast – frightening and calming at the same time. I can hear the waves softly crashing on the shore.

    The reds and the yellows make me think I’m walking out of the ocean to lose myself into a field of flowers or grain with the grass or flowers as my carpet where I can spend time reading and meditating – at peace…alone, but not lonely, and surrounded by beauty.

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      I love what you have written and you reassure me that this creative path I have embarked on is empowering me and inspiring you

      The imagery your words evoke is beautiful, I might write a poen from that

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