Prescription 12
Prescription 12 Suzie Cheel April 2011

Prescription 12 reminds me on The Valley of Fire in Nevada north of  Las Vegas that I visited back in 2008 when we went to Blog World Expo. The variation in the colors of the desert were amazing  and this painting reminded me of the scenery I saw then I will dig out some photos now. Many years ago I completed a project titled Imagination in Action where the painting I did on fabric mirrored some images of photos I had taken in the bush. I now find myself doing something similar with this painting. It is amazing what we store in our memories.

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One Response

  1. Suzie,
    Loving watching your journey.
    You’re inspiring me to want to let my creative inner child run wild.
    I did a lecture yesterday on Art Therapy with some Child Development students and they totally absorbed themselves in the pictures they were creating.
    We don’t often let that part of ourselves out to play.
    Thank you for your wonderful inspiration.
    Heather x

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