Did You Choose Your Word For The Year?


I have had an interesting time with the word I chose for this year

Initially I was going to choose love and abundance as one of my goals this year is to be fully on the path to being truly financially free.

I am doing this through love and abundance

Or as I say

Denise Wakeman shared her 3 words what she called her roadmap inspired by Chris Brogan whose 3 word process I have used in the past.

When I read Denise’s post I thought I’ll add in freedom to love and  abundance.

Then my soul sister and business partner, Yantra wrote a post on facebook about having a word for the year something, she usually doesn’t do.

Des read Yantra’s words to me while I was cooking .

Sacred was the word Yantra chose and as I was listening and thinking about my words the word Grace appeared and I was both surprised and at the same I experienced a feeling of peace in my heart.

I commented:
“thank you, I will journal on that.

Maybe GRACE encompasses love and abundance leading to freedom

This is amazing when you just listen to your heart and allow what is just there to be and accept it.

When I hear the word Grace I think of Brandon Bays who first told me that if you take one step towards Grace and Grace takes 1000 steps towards you.

This feel good and as this year my intention is to work with ease, flow and GRACE

WORD 2019

That means also getting out of my own way and allowing the magic of grace to be expressed through me.

It was like my heart knew this was the year for this one special word

Grace- the gift of God being a free and unmerited favour of God expressed so beautifully in this song, the words written by
Amazing Grace 

There is a serenity that I am feeling in this moment

What word did you choose?

Does it excite you, maybe even something that will take you out of your comfort zone

I asked this question on my Facebook page and these were the words people chosewords 2019

Here are my words from past years

In 2018 Flow was my word

In 2017 I chose Trust again using my heart whisper cards as my guide

In 2016 I chose 3 words Dynamic, Bold, Focus

In 2015  it was trust

In 2014 it was courage

in 2013 it was abundance

In 2012 I started a series word of the week that was a great idea that I might revive one day

Looking forward to reading your words for 2019


Suzie xxx

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  1. Happy New Year, Suzie! I love the idea that when you take one step towards grace, it takes 1,000 steps towards you!!!! Thank you for that. I’m glad you found your perfect word. I don’t have a word of the year, this year, so far.

  2. What an excellent idea and beautiful word to emulate. I recently watched a piece on Jackie Kennedy Onassis and the word grace came to mind. I love the idea of a word a week too. Perhaps a word a month. Thank you Suzie!

  3. Suzie,

    Thank you for this comforting and inspiring post. I love and can feel the confidence and comfort you take in trusting your intuition on the choosen word for the year and in your life. Thank you for your example.

  4. What a lovely process Suzie. I love the way you were so open to experiencing the vibration of the words until the one that encompassed everything appeared to you. I’ve never chosen a word for the year, the concept has never resonated with me…though after reading your story…maybe it’s time! 🙂

  5. Wow, this article has really blown my mind. I have never really given it any thought at all in just what one word can have if we decide to use it to accompany us throughout the year. I will definitely give this a serious thought when I able to get to a quiet and relaxed place.

  6. I chose the word Love for this year. It’s the most important and powerful word there is. The angels chose the word Integrity for the world and Mother Mary chose the word Grace for me.

  7. My word for 2018 was Grace. Ironically, I was anything but graceful last year. This year my word is Curious. So far, I’ve been more curious than ever before! Thanks for sharing your insights! May we be Gracefully Curious in 2019!

  8. I chose Grace as my word a few years back. And it literally changed ME for the better. It is just one of those words that carries Divine energy. My word/intention for this year is SURRENDER. Surrendering to spirit and refining from my soul’s perspective…thats what this year shall be for me.

  9. Beautiful, I love that your word appeared so organically and really encompassed everything else and just “clicked” into place. I think my word is Connection, because connection is the starting place that I need to be in to create everything else that I desire. Thanks for an inspiring post!

  10. I love choosing words for the year and find joy in how your process unfolded with beauty and grace! My words for the year are nurturing, creativity and clarity. I am begun embodying them in new ways and feel uplifted and excited to see how they will manifest in 2019!

  11. Wow Suzie, thank you. “getting out of my own way and allowing the magic of grace to be expressed through me.” BAM. I’ve never kept a detailed account of words I’ve chosen every year. So reading yours, makes me wonder if I need to go deeper. Thank you.

  12. The title caught my attention because grace is all what I believe.
    I love your word for the year and grace did choose you indeed😊😊😊
    For the year am all about excellence and commitment…

    1. Thanks leila. yes so much more interesting than the title I first wrote which is on the image . i am looking forward to seeing you excel and i too am committed to being consistant daily 💜🙏💜

  13. I’m appreciating your commitment to your processes and also the welcoming of new ideas, Suzie.
    Two words CHOSE ME for the year: One was a word for my intention, how I want TO BE which was “REGENERATOR” and; the other word was my goal which I want to take steps for attracting and was “SUCCESS.”

    Excited to see how GRACE and all the other words unfold for all of our Sister Visionaries and Heroes.
    xo Lore

    1. Thank you Lore, I love your two words and I thought that was your intention when I read them on FB on Monday.
      Right now I am reading the 4 agreements and I know I want to be impeccable with my word in 2019 and that in itself will be challenging 🙂 I will be watching you regenerate as you attract success 💜🙏💜

  14. Hi Suzie, your word is wonderful. And journaling on it is an inspired idea.
    I think the word Trust is what will be my word for the year because I have to trust God for so many things this year—-so many sick, really sick, friends, and needing to know if I am in the right place as far as my work is concerned. I just need to trust that I will be led to whatever is the path or many paths, for this year ahead.
    Thank you for reminding me of choosing the word for this year! <3

    1. Hi Jean, thank you was such a surprise, you know what word will be in my next deck.
      Trust i noticed i have chosen Trust, even painted the word one year, twice in the last 7 years , big one to trust self and the universe. All we can do for friends who are sick is be a guiding light, I do Ho’oponopono and pray. Hard one for me as i believe we all have the power to heal if we chose and I have family who totally disbelieve that even though i have done so Love seeing you here too 💜🙏💜

  15. Your process was beautiful to read, Suzie! Grace is a word that encompasses many positives. I wish you a joy-filled year ahead–may you achieve all that you set out to! I love your spirit and enthusiasm. I don’t look too far to choose my own word every year. It always has to be “focus” because that allows me to decide what to focus on for the year.

    Thank you –I am happy we are connected. 🧡

    1. Vidya thank you, the process seems to have touched many people , yes love we are connected and would be lovely to meet one day.Your comment had my heart smiling. Focus is always a good choice too 💜

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