Prescription 21 Prescription 22
Beach-rocks Beach Rocks

Prescription 21 ( and 22) were done together again over 2 days. I was drawn to paint in these earthy tones and when I loaded the images onto the computer yesterday i was drawn to find the photos of some rocks I had taken maybe 2 weeks ago. Although not identical I could see where the inspiration had come from. I call this Imagination in Action and is something that has surfaced more than once over this 21 day painting adventure.

Where to from here? Interesting this prescription process was a way that Angela Artemis suggested to me to get focus. Well it has brought back my creativity and reopened that window on my world. I feel so blessed that i have been able to share this talent I have.  I am off for some contemplation and planning time. I have an article to write on Create for Raoka, maybe greater clarity will come from that? At this point I am still feeling  in a tangled state of what is this or maybe that?

I would love for you to share any thoughts you may have 🙂

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