21 Days of Painting Prescription 21

Prescription 21 Prescription 22
Beach-rocks Beach Rocks

Prescription 21 ( and 22) were done together again over 2 days. I was drawn to paint in these earthy tones and when I loaded the images onto the computer yesterday i was drawn to find the photos of some rocks I had taken maybe 2 weeks ago. Although not identical I could see where the inspiration had come from. I call this Imagination in Action and is something that has surfaced more than once over this 21 day painting adventure.

Where to from here? Interesting this prescription process was a way that Angela Artemis suggested to me to get focus. Well it has brought back my creativity and reopened that window on my world. I feel so blessed that i have been able to share this talent I have.  I am off for some contemplation and planning time. I have an article to write on Create for Raoka, maybe greater clarity will come from that? At this point I am still feeling  in a tangled state of what is this or maybe that?

I would love for you to share any thoughts you may have 🙂

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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10 thoughts on “21 Days of Painting Prescription 21”

  1. Dear Suzie,
    You talented and I am so happy you share with us. I have been on my own quest for self betterment so maybe I should take a page from you and rediscover my creative side that use to lead me to draw and write poetry when I was young.
    Valerie recently posted…Safeway Coupon & Discount CodesMy Profile

  2. Dear Sweet Suzie,

    I am loving your art and the freedom and joy that seems to express itself so abundantly in your work. I also LOVE the colors you use. We seem to love the same colors. I am a potter, glass artisan, musician, nature photographer, writer, beader, and more, but I’ve not painted for a long time and am just lately feeling drawn to do so.

    You are very talented and happy about what you do. That comes through to me in your art. I find that encouraging and it makes me want to paint even more. You are a beautiful soul Suzie, in every way.

    Hugs to you, and thank you for sharing all these.
    Robin 🙂
    Robin Easton recently posted…Lucid LivingMy Profile

    1. Hi Robin,
      You comment so moved me it is such a joy to have you sharing your inspiration and I found it so enlightening too. I think we may have more than color in common- I had you page open when I read this.
      I love that Angela’s prescription which reignited my passion for color and creativity has inspired so many others. I love forward to your paintings too 🙂
      This warmed my soul I am a potter, glass artisan, musician, nature photographer, writer, beader, and more, and makes me being about to rewrite who I be

      love and hugs

  3. Suzie,

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring artwork. I appreciate your craft and thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

    You have inspired me to write everyday as a way to focus my energy.


    1. Hi Alex,
      I love that you are inspired and I know that it is time for me to share not just my words but my art with the world.

      Last year I did start writing everyday using The Artists way and that was good too. I had a day’s rest from paining and am abput to embark on a color series

    1. Hi Tess,
      so wonderful to see your face here. I am still to really master photoshop ( I have an online course sitting on my comuter)but using it more- all these have been done with crayon, paint on paper and canvas. I am excited and have our mutual friend Angela to thank about the direction and going to follow through on the beach inspirations too that you suggested.
      This is exciting ♡

    1. Hi Angela,
      Love that burn baby Burn, this along with Sonia ask you guides course is firing me up, looks like art is out in front
      talk soon

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